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More work on the chinese uniform

That wasn’t what I had planned for today, (or the weekend) but I couldn’t stop myself from poking at it. So now you get a bunch of image from that.

Sorry for the color change at the end but I needed more contrast. I made a bunch of changes between the last blue and the brown version that I’m not 100% sure of, specifically in the sleeves shape and shoulder width.

I might go back the the blue one and try a different approach.

Potpourri of things I’m working on.

Some little work on the door, this seem a little better than what I had but the top part is so plain… I think I’m gonna re-add the window, not sure about the shutter for it.

Also a happy little accident and this is a really nice looking ceiling lamp 😛

I spent a while working on a potential prison uniform…. just the pants for now, but even if i end up using them for something else, it’s a pretty solid base.

Lastly, I’m having some DNS server issues and temporarily switched to a backup until I figure out what is going on with it, fix it, or replace it.

EEP is on Firestorm!

If you haven’t seen it yet, EEP is finally available on Firestorm 6.4.12!

I invite you to check out Inara’s blog where she has a nice breakdown of all the cool new features that this update brings.

I’ve finally installed my custom-spooky EEP setting at the KDC Main Store and adjusted most of the lighting to take in account the new ambience brought by EEP.

Come check it out and then slide into my IMs to tell me how horrible it is 😛

(Note: the undercity need a complete re-lighting and I haven’t gotten around doing that yet, bring your own flashlight if you wander in there)

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 4

Ankle and Thigh cuff update! Thigh->ankle can now force a kneel, just like belt->ankle can.


Products updated

Sorry everyone again for those big update chunks…


MixMaster Update!

I know, it has been a while, this update brings a few minor fixes and quality of life improvements:

  • A fully scripted bartending handbook replacement with categories, navigation menu and recipe pinning that can be extended easily.
  • A new recipe card format, cross compatible between the MixMaster itself and the handbook.
  • Some leftover debug code in drink scripts has been removed.
  • A test item (that really shouldn’t have been there) was removed.

The new Bartending Handbook was much needed given how bugged and impractical the notecard version was.

The new version sorts all drinks alphabetically, by taste and by type to allow you to pick the drink you want quickly. The drink menu page summarize all the informations that used to be in the notecard version, and you can also temporarily pin a recipe as a hovertext. The notecard format is also identical with the new machine card format, so updating the handbook and the machine with custom drinks is a breeze.

A room with a view

The window unit pretty much finished, and I’m very happy with the appearance of the glass.

I started doing some work on the door that I mocked up a while ago and came up with a cool looking handle/latch combo (with a nice guard around it), I ended up scrapping the original door design ans started fresh.

The biggest change is that the hinge runs the full length of the door now, with a few reenforcement tabs. Not entirely sure yet which parts will be normal mapped and which will be geometry, still at the design phase.

Not sure how I feel about the skirt around the bottom hatch extending all the way as some sort of … kick plate? I’m not sure it makes any sense really.

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 3

Cuff update! But this time there is a tiny new thing. I called it the “Ballerina” pose. As usual, one or two arms are possible. Dancing with this looks exceptionally silly.


Products updated

Cell project: some more progress

(It’s not a bed, it’s literally just a prim I had there)

As I mentioned before I’ve made a version of the barred section without the slot, those textures, including the window ones are done.
I’ve given a second pass to all the repeating beam sections to make sure none of them have inverted UVs, since SL doesn’t like that very much.

I’ve also moved the window a little higher, fixed the cell mesh & lodded it properly.

And finally, an attempt at a wire glass material for the glass pane that sits in the window frame (outside the bars makes sense right?).

Things that remain:

  • 1 or more door variants with hatch and stuff.
  • Material for the tiled section.
  • Possibly a better floor texture and/or decal versions.
  • Ceiling lamp.
  • Chain anchor plates.
  • Texturing the root prim as some sort of fuse/light/control housing. (It HAS to be a prim because of a weird SL quirk related to sculpted prims, which I need for TB locks).

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 2

There is going to be more part yes, but I’m going to wait for a couple weeks before I move on the next block.


  • Everything from TouchBound 2020 system update – part 1.
  • Dullahan Collar: Missing glow issue on the back chaining point.
  • Tasanee & Vermilion Collar: Lock scaling issue.
  • Fallen Princess: Shouldn’t be able to draw chains to bolt holes.
  • Strict Braced Collar: Neck pose support for Utilizator’s M3 & M4 heads.

Products updated

TouchBound 2020 system update – part 1

I tried to delay this one as much as possible, but here it is.


  • (ER & Lined Chrome Collar) Slight optimization of the click helpers (tube->cylinder & alpha masking).
  • Increased minimum radius to trigger suspensions: 1m -> 1.25m (1.5m was too big and looked unnatural)
  • Relaxed all animation permissions to copy&mod (yay?).
  • (Mostly the chastity belt) Fixed a potential menu error due to too long descriptions.
  • Suspension chains don’t slack anymore.
  • Faster, simpler, bullet proof, animation controller.
  • Added a documentation link on the double-click info box.
  • Added the straight & stooped poses to the front rings of the chastity belt (and the equivalent on collars).

Products updated

That’s all for today because I’m making more and more mistakes, which usually mean that I should stop.

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