I got a little carried away…

Fifteen very lewd japanese tags.

I should probably make english ones… any suggestions?

Better sculptmap and much improved texture!

I reworked my material for the plate from the ground up and I’m really pleased with the result.

I also had to do a pretty big cleanup on the sculpted prim because the UVs where all wobbly. In addition I also added a bit of “tilt” between the shackle and the plate, to make it look a little more natural.

The label is not properly centered, I know.

I’m somewhat better… I think.

The past few days weren’t exactly pleasant, but I think I should be well enough at this point.

I’m still coughing a bit and my head isn’t “quite” where it should be, we shall see.


Sorry everyone, hopefully this will be over soon!

Sculpted prim-tag

I was really worried about how feasible this tag would be as a single sculpted prim (which is, unfortunately, still the current restriction of my lock system).

Main issues I had to deal with:

  1. This is essentially 3 (well 4)  separate parts that have to all be on the same sculpted prim.
  2. They include loops and curves (which eat a lot of vertices).
  3. I had to reserve as much of the sculpt-map as possible for the tag itself.

I’m really happy with the results: It does need a little touching-up here and there, but it degrades very well lod-wise.

Some kind of tag/plate

More attempts at procedural textures in Blender 2.8. The edges are supposed to have chisel/hammer marks all around and some darker colors. This is what I managed to do so far…

It’s also ment to become a sculpted prim, so that’s certainly going to be fun… especially the chain for that hole.

More rusty old valve, I know.

Sorry, that this is taking me so much time, I’m learning and this is all new to me.

I am more or less done with it, I just want to do something about the axle and the hex bolt to get a bit more contrast.

I’ve been trying to make nice node setups that can just be recycled for other projects but I’m gonna need a lot more practice before I can actually do that.

New Face Slapper art, and some material studies.

I figured I would update the KDC Face Slapper vendor art since I just patched it.

I’m also trying to make some cool blender metal stuff. I mean… It was cool to make but it does look pretty terrible. I’m not sure if it’s the shader looks off, the object, or both…


Now here is a funny thing… I noticed that one of my competitors (which I shall not name) copied the KDC Face Slapper’s product pitch word for word…

Dear content creator,

If you’re going to copy my products so you can peddle them at twice the original price, don’t claim that I copied your idea when mine came out 3 years before your avatar was even created.

Face Slapper updated!

I just pushed an update for the KDC Face Slapper!

I also cleaned up the marketplace entry a little and I’ll update the product picture to better reflect the product soon.

Valve and other bits

I made 3 new pipe sections:

  • Wide 90° bend.
  • 45° bend.
  • S-shaped bend.

I’ve also been working on the parts for a plug-type butterfly valve.

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