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Prison cell features rolling in.


Terribly produced videos!  And a short list of the prison cell features (so far):

  • ✔ The door handle latches/unlatches.
  • ✔ The door opens.
  • ✔ The hatches swing open/closed.
  • ✔ The window shutter slides.
  • ✔ Light turns on/off inside and outside, the light switch actuates.
  • ✔ The door takes standard/heavy locks but also timelocks & accessories.
  • ✔ Handle rattles when it can’t unlatch.
  • ⭕ Swing open/close sounds, shutters, hatch sounds, lamp sounds.
  • ⭕ Touch distance check, inside/outside reachability checks.
  • ⭕ RLV relay force-teleport & seating restrictions.
  • ⭕ Experience force-teleport.
  • ⭕ TouchBound anchor code.
  • ⭕ Furniture scripting (toilet & bed).
  • ⭕ Furniture poses (toilet & bed).

I’m probably forgetting a bunch…

Prison cell toilet completed

Done with the cell toilet unit! I made two example “configurations” with the higher-security cell having no exposed pipes (for example).

Time to script it all together now.

Unwrapped, packed and lod-ed

I just finished the low-poly model, it is unwrapped nice and tight and ready for upload.

I was gonna have one of those pull handles on the “flushometer” but ended up settling with a push button instead. Probably safer this way too.

Last stopfor this prop: material & textures.

Cell lavatories inworld test

I did some more work on the cell lavatories, but I don’t have a lot to show today.

I did some cleanup on the low-polygon model, a really simple collision mesh and some quick tests in-world.

Just enough to notice there might be a very slight scaling issue. Or at the very least, the sink is a tiny bit too low.

By that I mean, it looks like it is at about the right height when sitting, but all kinds of wrong when standing.

Oh and I forgot that the unwrapping wasn’t done, which means that I can’t use this model for texture tests. Good job Kyrah.

Toilet and sink: a second pass.

The toilet and sink unit: The LAST model I have to finish for the cell project.

Once again monday was too busy. I hardly had time to work on anything, because of that, this is mostly work from today.

I took the original mockup I made months ago and cleaned it up, smoothed most of the round edge loops to by lining everything up nicely on curves.

I also deepened the sink to make it a bit sturdier and gave both the toilets and sink this smooth slanted surface on the bottom half. I’m hoping that this will help to make it look like both like metal and ceramic, depending of the material used.

The piping has been remodeled, I added a syphon valve to it, a few wall clamps and also top fixtures like a fountain-style faucet and some “knobs?”. Obviously these aren’t the final materials, this is just for visualisation.

Oh, and the all important paper roll 😛

What should I do about the fingerprint padlock?

Allright… This has gone for long enough… The Fingerprint Padlock was supposed to be the simple, trouble-free, default option when someone first tries the TouchBound system.

But the reality is that it really isn’t doing a good job at this.

So lets break it down point by point:

  • 👍 You can’t lose the key.
  • 👍 The internal imprint allows some form of self bondage.
  • 👎 Keyed padlocks and time padlocks are more suited for self bondage & escape games.
  • 👎 Identity imprint are a one time thing and doesn’t survive resets.
  • 👎 It is too complex for something supposed to be the “basic” lock of the TouchBound system.

A little while ago I passed around a “beta” version of a “Public padlock”, I received some good feedback from it and therefore, I’m starting to believe that it might be time to do something with it.

Breakdown of the public padlock:

  • You can’t lose the key.
  • Whoever locks is the only person that can unlock.
  • No configuration is required.
  • The name of the locker is always visible on the locked item’s infobox.
  • It can be used by anyone if worn on a non-hud slot, no “give your locks” required for play.

So there you go everyone! Time to make your choice 😛

What should I do with the Fingerprint Padlock?

  • Keep it for sale, but ship products with the Public Padlock instead. (64%, 57 Votes)
  • Make the Public Padlock the new Fingerprint Padlock. (28%, 25 Votes)
  • Don't change anything. (8%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 89

Loading ... Loading ...

Cell bed complete.

This cell bed is really just a glorified steel shelf with a waterproof cushion pretending to be a mattress isn’t it? Only the most uncomfortable furnitures for this project!

I haven’t made a ladder but it should still work fine for double bunking. That being said… two people in 9 square meters might be pushing just a little bit.

The mattress was the part that got me worried the most. Initially I was gonna make something more “normal” but I figured that this would most likely be the “minimum” you’d get in a cell of that style, and blankets if you are nice. I suppose the rubbery aspect might be a plus for some.

Completed the cell lamp!

I just finished the cell lamp final textures and lod models!

I added a few little extra details, such as ribs and rivets on the top cover, and allen bolts on the sides. The switch has a couple of “knurling lines” to make it look a little more grippy.

The glass uses a simple, old texture that I really like to use for light bars, with a bit of dramatic glow.

The last picture shows the lowest LOD. You get about 20 triangles to work with before LI starts going up, so there is really no reason not to use them. From the GPU’s point of view drawing a model comes with some incompressible overhead, so whether you draw one triangle or twenty makes no difference.

It all comes down to a very reasonable score so far:

  • 14 parts.
  • 30 Textures (A lot of those are very small).
  • 26Mb of VRAM.
  • 2351 triangles.
  • 7 LI.
  • 9360 complexity.

Cell lamp WIP

It was about time to work on the cell lamp that will sit above the door. The idea is to cast a little bit of light on the door for accent, but also to house the light switch for the cell’s ceiling light.

Because this is a small part and “why on earth are you so slow Kyrah” I figured I would put a gallery that presents different iterations and dead ends I’ve been going through with this piece.

If anything, now you can see what you’re “not” getting 😛

The main reason I’ve abandoned the very first version is that I couldn’t get the slightly domed glass panel to look right. Therefore, I switched to something I knew would potentially work.

Some of the pictures also have two toggle switches but that is only the on and off position being visible at the same time.

Chain anchors for the cell project

I just finished simple chain anchors for the prison cell project. They are optional and cost 0.5LI each, therefore the setup on those pictures is 3LI (3 in/out). I was initially going for an “U” shaped anchor, but that’s a bit boring given that the freebie anchor plates already look like that.

They aren’t super detailed, but this is about on-part with the rest of the build.

I also added a simple wall insert to replace the bars, (it is just a slightly modified cube). You can see it in two of the pictures because I’ve removed the bars on one side, it is only really there to fill the space (and cost a little less LI than a primcube).

Finally, I started working on the lamp that will sit above the door, but I barely started really.

I was supposed to do a lot more work today, but that’s just how it is sometimes.

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