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Nasty stunprod bruises…

I think I’ve got something good going on with those nasty stunprod bruises… I’ve done my best to keep them relatively simple and stylized…

They kind of look like bug bites or a weird rash or a star map sometimes…

That’s what my references looked like and so, that’s what I went for. It looks completely overkill with the maximum 8 marks per body part, but it is there as a supported maximum… not as an invitation to fill it entirely.

This might even take a while given that the prod typically can only strike about 3 to 5 times before recharge kicks in.

I wonder if those pictures will be okay for Patreon.

Inching towards the finish line!

I had a very productive night on the stun prod!

I managed to wrap up all the animations that I needed to be done for the stun prod, the code to drive them, the holster system and the Doodle & Strikes integration.

There is now 3 striking heights, 4 idle stances (those two “over the shoulder” ones are just so precious) and one medium height “threaten” animation (when you aren’t aiming at anyone) that does a little wrist flick right as the electrodes begin sparking.

What is left to do: A HUD texture, A multi-crop HUD update for this one (at this point that’s like 3 tools that would use it, isn’t that a bit much?) and one very important texture set: the electrical bruise marks for the Doodle & Strikes system. Thankfully, a friend has given me… helpful references for this :3

Sidenote, would there be some interest for a Doodle & Strikes version that support [eL] Normal Tit Kit & [eL] Big Tit Kit?

Lattice Cage prototype on VRChat!

Since I already spent the time to make metalness/roughness maps for the Lattice Cage, I figured I would dust my c# skills a little bit and try to port it to VRChat.

If you ignore… most of the TouchBound features really, I did a pretty good job in just two days.

I’m not quite ready for a release on, but I’ve put out a little demonstration world you can visit (with a VRChat account obviously), the world should work fine whether you use desktop or VR mode.

Lattice Cage in VRChat

Click to open the world profile page.

Be warned that being inside a cage will prevent you from escaping with the respawn function or from unlocking it, that is by design.

The locks are a little iffy-looking, but I mostly focused on the code and animation side of things. That’s something I still need to work on.


Animation! sound?

Full disclosure, I was sick as a dog yesterday (Monday part 2 I guess), I tried to make up for the time lost today.

I finally tracked down a timing bug that caused the auto-recharge to fire unreliably, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

I came up with a clean and crisp sound for the electric arcing, combined with the particle effect & animation, I think it works well enough.

Animation wise, I just started really. The medium-height hit feel serviceable, but I’m not 100% sold on it.

I’d have posted a video, but I can’t record sound with it for some reason.

Anyway, until next update~

Some stun prod code progress

I have “most” of the code that I need for the stun prod written at this point, even made a somewhat decent looking particle system! Now I just need to make those all important assets: animations & sounds.

The bugs have been “fun” to bang my head against, especially the one where all my script timing was completely off due to “yet to be made” animations missing.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with the way it handles when hitting “Doodle & Strikes” surfaces, it is kind of slow, but I don’t think there is anything I can do about that.

There isn’t much more to say for today, I’d show pictures, but there isn’t a good way to showcase this right now.

Low productivity week

I’ve been doing very poorly this week, motivation has been hard to come by.

I did start writing the stun prod scripts but still haven’t gotten around to making the sound effects and animations for it.

I have a somewhat decent particle system and a bare-bones outline of how striking works with it.

It is a little different from the riding/spade crop, in the sense that it is not going to have an “armed” strike pose like these two, instead it will have a short “strike” animation that triggers as soon as you press down the attack key, and it will either strike the person in front of you, or be somewhat “brandished” so that the prongs crackle in the air.

The charge meter depletes as you hold the attack key pressed.

So far, the reload sequence autoplays after 5 seconds of inactivity so long as you do not have a full charge. It is currently non-interruptible (I could change that).

If the battery is fully drained, attacking will trigger reload immediately.

Finally some actual progress

I came back home mid-week… completely drained. Sorry again for dragging on with no actual progress for so long >_<

Thankfully, today was quite productive.

I have most of the code done for the heavy metal gag, including the animated bits and sounds working.

It is also completely modular, so you can actually add/remove mouthpieces, and each of them can have its own text mangling variant.

You should be able to extend the text mangling to non-Latin languages… possibly? It still uses a basic character replacement system, so that might not work so well on Chinese/Japanese…

Gag code feature creep, and more things.

I started the metal gag code, and I am working on some … kind of extendable approach, how can I explain this…

I’m effectively making the code that handles the different gag variants modular, which should make it possible to just “add” new ones later, or even create custom ones, I’m not entirely sure why I am doing this, other than reducing how much “snowflake code” having 4 different gags in one is creating.

This is also an opportunity to potentially code a bit better, go over old ways of doing things, using new functions, that sort of stuff. I thought I could wrap this up before the weekend, but that’s a little too optimistic.

Twitter appears to want a fairly large set of rights on any picture uploaded on their service, and I’m not sure that I want to give them those rights, so I’m considering adding some sort of watermarking, or maybe stop sending pictures to twitter entirely when posting updates. We’ll see.

A lot of scripting

Not much to show today, I have written a lot of code for the past two days. I have now a fully functional (but ugly as hell) coloring HUD for the prison uniform that does about everything I might need for this product in the future: base/accent textures, base/accent tint presets and manual RGB entry and the ability to change the printed label or set it to automatic.

It has more buttons than a calculator, but I got a little carried away on the number of texture options.

I don’t really regret it, but I do need to make it look a little more presentable.

Nearly done with the miniATM update

At this point it almost feels like a complete rewrite of the miniATM, sadly, most of it won’t matter for anyone but me (who has to look at the code)… oh well.

I’ve cleaned up a lot of the inconsistencies in messages, like whether L$ is before or after the value, I’ve also added a bunch of missing sanity checks on the text/number prompts, configurable clicking range (not limited to 20 meters anymore, but you’ll be able to make it larger or smaller).

I’ve also changed most of the IM commands with llRegioSayTo, so the script won’t be delayed as much in those situations.

The big feature, is the ability to use a “debt” module, when it is active, refusing a payment request will invite the person to create a debt of equal value, as with everything with the miniATM, nothing is out of the wearer’s control, but it gives more opportunities for play in my opinion (you can really just ignore it too). It also adds a dedicated menu to list active debts and for the issuer to cancel it if they so choose. Repayment is automatic if you make any payment to the person you owe a debt to.

And as I said, you can just turn it all off ^_^!

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