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Chastity belt update

I want to thank whoever messed with the strawpoll, I guess next time I’ll stick to Patreon for those?

Anyway, I made an executive decision and decided to go with the “hotfix first” option, here is a summary of v17:

  • Fixed the lingering particle system issue caused by a packaging bug in the previous update.
  • PBR hotfix: Click points should now be completely invisible on PBR clients.
  • Lockbreaking notifications should now be sent to the right avatar UUID.
  • Added a safety check to prevent leashing to unreachable objects under RLV.
  • Added the sit-lock feature, which prevents unseating when chained while sitting.
  • I’ve also replaced the clickers again with optimized mesh versions (we’re down to 39LI).

The updater should notify you soon enough, you all know the process by now ^^.

I also want to apologize for taking so long to bring those features up on the belt, I did not realize it had been this long.

Stunprod update, chastity belt WIP

Quick update because a few things have happened since yesterday:

A kind soul on the KDC Booth Store reported an issue with the parameter setup of the VRChat Stunprod. That is now fixed and you can download the package (version 1.2) to correct the problem (the Patreon reward has also been updated).

Someone also made me aware of a packaging/assembly error with the KDC Lined Chrome Chastity belt; There are floating chain links on points that cannot receive or send chains, making it impossible to remove them. The fix is relatively simple but it took a moment to figure out what exactly happened.

I was also considering putting out some PBR related fixes and ended up starting a full PBR refresh of the material, picture included: on the left is the original and on the right, the PBR version. Nothing fancy, that’s more or less what it would have looked like if we had decent metal rendering back then.

If I actually do this I’m gonna have to do some edits in the HUD & labia shroud code to dual-stack the two material systems, the same way I’ve done with the Stunprod.

So I’m going to run another little poll for this one again.

The VRChat release of the KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod out!

I made a video this time because I felt I just couldn’t really do justice to the KDC EIG-2-B Stunprod (VRChat Edition!) otherwise.

Feature wise, it is stripped down to fit the limitations of a VRChat avatar prop/accessory, it still has sounds, particles, and the little charging mechanic. I’ve added a screen pixelation effect that only works for the person(s) near the stunprod tip. It is unpleasant, not too bad, and I think it works well enough.

It isn’t setup for any specific avatar but the prefab uses ModularAvatar, so it really is just a matter of “Drag into avatar, move and rotate in hand, done.”

As usual for VRChat assets, head over to if interested, do message on booth if you have issues/suggestions related to it.

KDC Lattice cage (for VRChat) update!

KDC Lattice cage for VRChatI’ve just pushed an update to the KDC Lattice Cage (v3) for VRChat.

What has changed:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the hatch to remain stuck open.
  • Re-exported all models to proper 1:1 scale (instead of 100x scale…).
  • Replaced all main colliders with simple cubes (for ease of editing).

You can get the update from your library page on booth, you should be able to install it over the previous version without breaking anything.


I’ve also updated the Prisoner Shackles while I was at it, added Modular Avatar support and cleaned up the licensing.

The EIG-2-B Stunprod is out!

Stunprod product picture

The “EIG-2-B  Elektroimpulsgerat” is a revision of the original AION stunprod specifications intended to replace the original design deployed on S-23 “Sierpinski”.

Our goal was to move from a single use design, to a reliable, self-recharging system focused on officer protection and enforcing compliance.

It features a large protective guard around a rubberized handle adorned with electrified contact strips to discourage any attacker from attempting to wrestle the EIG-2-B out of your hands.

The classic Bakelite body is sandwiched around a heavy gauge steel sheet core to enhance the rigidity and striking capability of the unit.

All the markings are in compliance with AION safety guidelines.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store, or on the Second Life Marketplace. Enjoy ^^

The VRChat release of the KDC Lattice Cage is out!

I was hoping to be done with the VRChat version of the KDC Lattice Cage, literally yesterday but, between manuals, license, translations, redoing the textures once more and a good 5 or 6 attempts at an improved re-capture logic… I literally just finished now.

Feature wise it is really stripped down compared to the one I have in SL, but I am proud of what I have achieved so far: It has sounds, animations, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and I believe the respawn/rejoin “re-capture” function is something I have not seen on VRChat yet. Maybe there is a reason (like it being against the Terms of Service? I doubt it) or maybe there isn’t.

This is a bit more niche than usual obviously since you kinda have to build it into a world, (which is not a small task). But I hope that at least some people will like it.

I’ve also published a demo world where you can see it in action!

As usual for VRChat assets, head over to if interested.

Lattice Cage update to version 8!

Lattice Cage product pictureA Lattice Cage update in 2024? It is more likely than you think.

Initially this was going to be a quick little patch to add Heavy-Duty Padlock support to the Lattice Cage, since I’ve added these to the Prison Cell there was no reason not to.

It ended up being a bit more of an in-depth update as I had to slightly modify the locking mechanism to accommodate for a much larger lock, I doubled up the locking bar and extended the part that is attached to the door, no texture change.

After that was done, I figured I would also throw a PBR compatible material set and new lossless normal maps. If you are not using a PBR viewer, fear not, it will look exactly the same as it did before.

You can get the update by wearing the “update box” at the KDC Main Store. I thoroughly tested this release but do message me if you encounter any bug.

Happy Halloween! The Witch’s Touch is released!

Happy Halloween - The witch's touch promo picture

Happy Halloween everyone! Despite being sick like a dog for nearly a week, I did manage to release just on time!

Time for one of my favorite festivities in the year, and an excellent excuse to inflict my extensive collection of zombie movies to friends, (who really would have preferred to watch a comedy that night :3)

Seriously, I have so many, send help…

As with every year, here is a little something unique, a little something special, to join the (growing) KDC Halloween collection.

The rules are the same as past years: You can browse the Halloween collection from October 15th to November 15th, not a day more, not a day less. (Patreon supporters are immune to that rule).

As usual, you can pick those from the KDC Main Store (10%off as usual), or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Happy Halloween everyone !

New release! The KDC Nose Hook!

KDC Nose Hook - release picture
It turns out that I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up adding an extra feature to the nose hook right before release hehe.

So where do I start… It follows the same “style” as the KDC Raider Harness Gag, it in fact comes with instructions, meshs and script add-on to add a mini nose hook to it. But it is really designed as a standalone piece.

The standalone is lockable, support tag plates, is made of a bunch of separate unrigged pieces to make it as convenient as possible to adjust to a given head (do not that I did not say “easy”…). It has its one styling HUD, and a little animation system to decide how much you want your nose “upturned” by the hook. (how much you can get away with is going to depend on the mesh head you are using)

It comes with 3 hook variations, just because I couldn’t decide which one to settle on.

So what did I add in last minute? Well there is a clickable element on top of the head that you can click and “drag” forward to pitch the wearer’s head down or back to pitch it up. I also recorded suitable sounds for it :3

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store (with the usual 10% reduction) or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


The Nekobuta addon is out!

Nekobuta addon

Yet another addition for the Avara Hood, the Nekobuta addon! This one is a bit different because it comes with cute shiny ears. The script will recover partial commands from the hood HUD to get colors and material properties matched automatically. So you can go nyan nyan or buhi buhi to your liking. And since this is a separate attachment, it works great on other hoods too ^_^.

(I’ve included an A and B version that deform differently when adjusted)

The hood skins come with a chunk of options:

  • Open eyes or strict-looking pepper hole.
  • Plain and seamed versions, as well as their inverted counterparts.
  • A special pink and teal variant, homage to Argrim, who was the main inspiration for this project.
  • You can wear it with the mouth accessible, or fully covered by a mask.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store, with the usual 10% discount, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


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