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Why are all the links on this page broken?

I never asked a cent for my mods, despite how minimal they are, they still represent hours of my time testing them.

Mod creators spend thousands of hours creating content. They have every right to require payment for their work if they so desire. This is the kind of betrayal from the community that I cannot support.

Skyrim players have decided that modders can only get voluntary donations for their time.

No one is telling you to make mods! Why do you think we owe you anything for them!

Then I guess I don’t owe you anything either…


Unofficial Skyrim Patch & EPM (Easy pocket money)
Type: Compatibility fix.
This patch merges the conflicting changes between the following mods:
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
EPM – Easy pocket money
All you need to do is make sure that this .esp is loaded after the two mods.

KDC 1950 Maid Uniform
Type: New clothes.
This small mod adds a bag near the Goodspring Prospector Saloon where you will find several non fetish 1950-60 maid/waitress uniforms based on my SecondLife “Classic Housekeeper”.

KDC Removable companion armors
Type: Inventory tweaks.
This simple mod allows you to disrobe your companions from their unique armors and dress them up any way you like. They will still refuse to wear faction armors.

KDC Uniforms for New Bison Steeve
Type: Quest mod.
This is a tiny change that change the outfit that the waitress are wearing in the renovated Bison Steeve casino from the mod “The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino”.
In order to use this mod you NEED the followings:
The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino (version 1.6)
KDC 1950 Maid Uniform (version 1.3.1)
And you need to load them before this mod.

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