Data Privacy

This website

I do use google analytics to keep track of visitors on this website but I don’t have direct access to the collected data, nor can I delete it.

I do not store anything from visitors other than the normal web server access logs which are automatically purged over time.

KDC Vendors

The KDC vendors in the SecondLife grid collect only the data required to process sales:

  • What product was bought.
  • How much was paid.
  • Which avatar bought the product.

Sales are logged permanently for accounting.

KDC Updater & Delivery boxes

Most KDC products periodically check (once a day) & request updates from the update server, I know:

  • Which product is requesting an update.
  • Which avatar to send the update to.

Likewise, delivery boxes send the same type of data in order to request a product delivery.

Update and deliveries are logged permanently for accounting.

What data KDC receives when I use products I purchased?

With the exception of the (mentioned above) periodic update checks, none.

What about that Name2Key database?

I do store avatar uuids and their corresponding name in a database to make it easier to convert from name to uuid and vice versa.

Feel free to use it. Anyone can lookup this data from within SecondLife, I just cache it.

Kyrah Abattoir
Creator of BDSM and fetish content in Second Life since 2004.

Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, aspiring video game creator.

May 2024