Here you will find various things I made and that I am giving to anyone, free of charge.

Cleaned up SL avatar in FBX format.

This is a female version of the SL avatar based on the Linden Labs obj file, cleaned up quadified to make it easy to work with. It is about 190cm tall and the skirt mesh is included. I also did some minor UVW mapping fixes.
It does NOT contain a bone structure or skinning data, but it is useful for previewing clothes and building static mesh accessories, prims, or sculptmaps. Download

Muti door script

This script allows you to control a nearly unlimited number of doors from a single script, includes open/close sounds, auto closure timer, left and right opening and even user access control and door knocking.


EZ door script

This script allows for easy and painless door to frame fitting.

You simply scale and edit the frame and the door inside it will automatically be scaled to fit perfectly in it.

It also feature a basic door script with sounds.



Multi Animation/Multi list sit script

This script allows you to easily create a seat object where the user can flip through different animations with the left and right arrow keys. Not only that, but the up and down arrow keys also allow you to pick a different “list” of animations to flip through.

The settings allow you to pick if the list should loop or not and which animation is the “start” one.


Secondlife LOD calculator

A simple little spreadsheet to help you get a better idea of the lodding distances of a mesh object at a given size.

Get it here (Google doc: you have to do File>Save to get your own editable version to use the formulas)

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