Landowner tips & tricks

Parcel autoreturn

This will be obvious to most of us who have been in SL for any length of time, but 99% of the issues you might have with neighbors and visitors can be solved by setting auto-return on. It’s even more important on the mainland or a neighborhood because litter on your parcel can and will affect the surrounding land owners. Here are a few suggestions:

  • 0: Zero means disabled: it doesn’t mean instant and parcels always reset to this after land split/join manipulations, please change it.
  • 1: The shortest possible value: it’s what I use anywhere I don’t intent for people to rez things, but don’t want to break items that rely on it.
  • 5-15: This is plenty of time to allow people to unpack their items (in a store for example).
  • 60: This is what I typically use for commons in my region: Let people have fun, and it’s short enough that there won’t be any cleanup required.
  • 360: 6 hours, your typical sandbox setting.



Slightly less useless when combined with a script. Most viewers nowadays can/will ignore this flag, and so will flight assist scripts.


I like to call this setting the “no fun allowed” setting. It can be useful for very busy venues to prevent people from littering. I generally do NOT recommend using it because it will break/disable a lot of items:

  • Guns: but only the ones that use actual projectiles instead of a self-contained damage system.
  • Hoods, blindfolds and vehicles that use auto-rezzed and temp-attach HUDs/accessories.

Object Entry

This is another very “unfunny” restriction but it has a few interesting uses.

  • If you intent on using “no object entry” to prevent people from littering your parcel with vehicles, a much smarter approach is to allow object entry and to combine it with parcel autoreturn. This ensures that vehicles will enter your parcel AND be returned, rather than piling up on the edge of your parcel on land that you have no control of.
  • Linden Lab typically has designated “rez zones” for vehicles, while the roads themselves don’t allow build, but do allow object entry. So you can combine those two permissions to “channel” vehicle respawn to specific locations.
  • You can cordon a sandbox with a thin surrounding parcel that has “object entry” disabled to ensure that a runaway script cannot leave the sandbox. But as a scripter STATUS_SANDBOX is preferable.
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