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Disclaimer: you won’t find my favorite shops, here, only some of the most scenic areas in SL.

Sadly, most of them are linden owned, which speaks volume on the skill of our fellow residents.


Channel island is a small strip of ground that serve as a mooring point for the Bridge between Barcola and Bay city, Governor Linden erected here what appears to be a Victorian Era Mental Asylum.

As usual with most SL buildings, the ceilings are way too high but the place is well textured and coordinated, plus the setting with the alley bordered with trees is just your typical Movie asylum setting.


Bay city was, in 2007-2008 the latest additions to the mainland by Linden Labs, it was designed as an urban area built over channels.

Bay city span over about 15 regions crossed by clean roads and water channels, there is a trolley service patrolling the roads and a water trolley on the channels, terraforming isn’t allowed. Unlike most regions, you can feel that the residents made a serious effort to fit with the clean style of those regions. I imagine that the people that moved in realized this place was very pretty and wanted to fit in.


The coffee scene is a relaxing coffee/restaurant type set on an island in the middle of nowhere. The building is highly detailed and project gorgeous shadows, it is a bit dated and doesn’t include some of the newest SL features but it’s still a very cohesive building, very well made.

I have no idea what this place was supposed to be or to be used for but it was used for the “passage” of new adults from the Teen Grid to the Mature Grid.

XenoX Vehicle & Aviation center (Doesn’t exist anymore)

This vehicle facility span across almost 6 sims and includes, an aircraft carrier, a huge amount of planes and helicopters on display, tenth of buildings, roads, airstrips and race tracks.

You get quite impressed by the consistency and density of the place when you crank the view distance all the way up: it’s big, very big. It is probably a place worth visiting but it is really complex. Be ready to get lost a couple of times.

Nexus prime

This is one of the oldest places I remember in SL, it’s a sim wide community of cyberpunk fans, the entire sim get redesigned now and then. The current iteration of it is absolutely stunning, it reminds me if E.Y.E divine Cybermancy (video game)


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