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A somewhat less outrageous thong.

A less outrageous thong version for the bikini project. I’m still cutting it really low but hey, modesty is saved right? ~

I’ve also added ties wherever they are needed. I need to optimize those straps a little more than that and shape the thong fabric” a little better. I had a bunch of things to do yesterday, which explains the relatively low amount of content in this update.

Bikini thing progress.

I am going to change a few things in my life, and how I work in general that should make things a little more efficient and projects a little less drawn out. I won’t go into details, and I hate that it feels like “giving up” but my current schedule was slowly driving me insane.

I really don’t like making bows and ribbons because of the whole “perfectionism” thing. These look believable enough and it only took me… hours?

The top came out quite well. I can probably add a little bit of creasing on there…

Micro-bikini and other random ideas.

I’ve played with a lot of random ideas for furnitures the past week or so. I’m trying to come up with interesting designs and/or improving existing real-life ones.

I also started working on a micro-bikini of my own. I’m sure there is something like this already for avatar 2.0 but I’m just going to assume it is either terribly made, or with bad permissions.

As usual, my expectations are low…

Narrow cell floor, finishing touches

I’ve put some finishing touches to the narrow cell floor with a sort of “aged/security”  variant with Japanese markings (do not enter). Maybe a little “in your face” I guess. Almost everything is ready for release, hopefully, tomorrow if I can come up with a decent product picture.

Narrow cell variants

I made a few wall variants for the new narrow cell. Initially was going to go for the narrow window and windowless variant only, but I figured that a “basement window” version would also be nice.

And yes don’t worry you can hide the “bars” from the slit window. (I know it looks overkill but I figured I might as well have it)

I also made a better bar section next to the door than what I did in the previous pictures (which was temporary). Code changes are still not done, nor are the couple of custom floorings I want to add.

What do you guys think, is this worth a release?

Claustrophobia-Inducing accomodations?

I started working on an evil variation of the KDC prison cell, for overcrowded facilities, or those that really don’t deserve any privileges.

This little unit is going to be 2×3 meters with a little more than 1.5 meters of useable space inside. In fact, it is so small that it’s either floor mattress, or you have to install the toilets on the other wall if you want to put a normal bed inside it.

Ballgag project finally nearing completion!

I’ve finished LOD-ing everything for the ballgag project, all the final models are uploaded (18 parts total, it’s adjustable but no one said it was gonna be easy right?) and re-assembled in SL.

I had to eyeball everything since all the parts have been angled to make them easier to scale in length.

Ignore the texture stats obviously, I have to finish up the final texture uploads, and then it’s code time!

Last batch of ball designs, and some LOD modeling

I finished the 3 last ball designs I wanted. I know it doesn’t cover every possible desire out there, but I have to stop somewhere right?

In addition, I can always make more later if there is a demand for that.

I also started making the LOD models for the different straps, I included a picture but there isn’t a whole lot to see there really: gradually more aggressive reduction while keeping the general shape of the object alive.

Some of the social media sites I post on are getting a bit annoying with their “lewd image detection”, maybe I should start using a bright red demon skin for picture showcases :3

Quick friday update!

Nothing important, just a quick Friday update featuring more balls 😛

I’ve redone the details & coloring on the poke-n-ball to make it look more vibrant with exaggerated details.

Also made an 8-ball (popular idea for some reason) and the “nine-ball”.

Balls for the ball god!

Hey so… I heard you liked options? Ball options? :3

A few of those you’ve already seen, but these are all the gag ball textures I managed to finalize today, with the exception of the poke-n-ball© which needs a little more work To really “pop” I think.

The golf ball was easy, there is a visible seam running along the side but it is barely visible. Most of the remaining options I have to do are basically decals.

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