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Prisoner Ankle Shackles release and update

The Prisoner Ankle Shackles are out! Now you can all indulge in your worst(best) prisoner camp/chain gang fantasies! (the wrist ones will come out soon, I promise)

These support all your expected TouchBound functions, Allen wrenches, heavy padlocks, accessories, hobbling, chaining, suspension, binding, etc… etc… Check the manual for more details.

As usual, you can find these puppies at the KDC Main Store (10% off) and on the SecondLife Marketplace.

There is also an update…

For the KDC Prison Cell, Narrow Prison Cell and Padded Cell.

It addresses a fairly important furniture bug I discovered today that affects all my experience-based furniture that have anchor points (and all 3rd party modifications which add parts to the link sets) where the height adjustment function would stop working, it is a simple drop-in script replacement, if you don’t want to start fresh again.


Ankle shackles almost ready to go!

I made some good progress today and over the weekend, and I’ve almost finished the ankle shackles variant.

I couldn’t re-use the collar texture because it is so much smaller and the band area ends up too compressed and unnatural, I’ll try to reuse the texture for the wrist version, however.

So far, the look and feel of the ankle set is my favorite, and it will probably remain that way since it is what the entire set was really all about.

ER chrome collar & Classic posture collar update

This update brings up those two collars up to date on feature & bug fixes.

  • FIXED: Incorrect limb reservation on the collar suspension.
  • ADDED: Collar→genital piercing binding pose.
  • ADDED: Ability to lock the wearer in sitting position when a chain is drawn to the sat-on object.
  • ADDED: RLV Activator (2.5) animation purge function & new menu layout.
  • FIXED: Normal chains turning into suspensions on avatar relog.
  • FIXED: Objects that use the multi-anchor plate script can be sat on without triggering a link refresh.
  • FIXED: Wearer cannot draw chains longer than 2 meters to prevent self-suspension accidents.


Releasing four new Allen keys!

I figured that, since we do have a handful of bolt-compatible products, it was time to make a few more Allen keys.

I have also revisited the pictures for the two original ones (triangular and hexagonal) to make them pop a little more.

As usual, these are all available at the KDC Main Store (10% off), and on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Warden Straitjacket Update!

This Warden Straitjacket update was long overdue and contains a handful of changes of various usefulness:

  • Ability to lock the wearer in sitting position when a chain is drawn to the sat-on object.
  • 5th “extra hard” sleeve tightness stage (I can’t actually beat this one).
  • New RLV alpha folders for “tied” and “untied” mode.
  • RLV Activator (2.5) animation purge function & new menu layout.

And a few small changes such as config card name change, and some tweaks in message wording.

I’ve updated the manual to reflect those changes, if you use the auto alpha feature, you should the new folder structure.


The Prisoner Neck Shackle has been released!

Prisoner Neck Shackle store picture


A heavy forged design, the pride and joy of our apprentice blacksmith.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results here, and it doesn’t completely blow the texture budget, what more to ask, right? Feature wise it is a bit “light” given that it only has a single chaining ring. In addition, the main locking point ONLY works with the bolt system or heavy padlocks (I’ve included both).

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10%off), or from the Second Life Marketplace.


Making a handful of new bolt types

The prisoner neck shackle (current name, yay!) is almost ready to go scripting, configuration, animations, it’s all done.

I also decided that since we now have a handful of items that support screw/bolt locking, it would be a good time to introduce a handful of new bolt styles.

  • “Secure” hexagonal (the ones with eh little post in the middle)
  • Square (we had triangle already, right?)
  • Hexalobe (torx-like)
  • Spanner drive


Textures and LOD models complete

I’ve just finished cleaning up and uploading the final models & textures. I was going to use a custom specular map, but it doesn’t appear to add much to the overall look, so we’ll do without and save 2Mb of textures.

I still have the feeling that I’ve gone overkill on textures with this (1024×512), since most of the detailing immediately disappears unless your eyes are glued to the model.

In my eyes, it looks acceptable… now I need to get on with the scripting.

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