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‘Gwen’ style.

It seem to be one of the most requested styles.

I had to put the edge of the hood a bit “low” under the nose but if it’s any higher it starts to creep up on the nose mesh.

Sidenote, it’s really terrible with the “open mouth” mesh. Another confirmation that this part is going to need another pass.

Open face style this time.

Now that most of the problems are fixed, here is the style I’ve made today.

Sorry but not sorry. I can’t get enough of the appearance of the skull.

This style did make me notice that the mesh needs a little bit of tweaking because at some angles you can still see “outside” the hood.

This is a test mesh anyway, so I’ll fix this issue before uploading the final version.

Just another day fixing normal maps.

I’m only showing you the result here but initially when I STARTED working today I only was going to crease the top of the hood. I ended up going for a high-poly solution rather than painting. Creasing is still something that doesn’t really come naturally for me…

Once I was happy with the results, I upload my textures, fairly confident that everything was fine, and somehow there was a visible texture seam in the normal map!

Only visible in SL, in Blender everything is completely seamless! Thinking that I made a mistake during upload, I re-upload my models, re upload my textures, try all kinds of tweaks and tricks. Without success.

In the end I got around the problem by toning down the normal map along the offending seam. The result is… Okay I guess, but there goes another day.

Blunder and progress.

The good news, is that I’ve done some progress on the hood and worked another style.

The bad news is that somehow I deleted a portion of that creasing around the zipper from saturday so I’m gonna have to redo it.


RLV Blinding, muffling and cryptography.

In retrospective, I should have spent two entire days working on this, but it was just so tempting. Now I have “some” form of protection for “official” hood skins that doesn’t prevent adding custom skins.

Skins can also trigger RLV muffling (whisper) and blindness.

I think I’m also going to stop trying to auto detect RLV/RLVa clients in products that need it and add a configuration flag (as I’ve been doing for a few products now), something along the lines of:

  • cfg_ScreenEffect=Off
  • cfg_ScreenEffect=RLV
  • cfg_ScreenEffect=RLVa

Faceplate manager

I wrote a good chunk of the script to swap between the different faceplates of the hood (lets call them that), it works a bit like a ghetto “filesystem”. Now That this is done, I should probably populate it with actual options 😛

14 hours later.

I pulled an all nighter, don’t ask me why and did a ton of work. In fact I suspect that I did more in a single sitting today than I did in 3 weeks!

Quick summary:

  • Finished unwrapping.
  • Finished textures for the metal parts.
  • Made repeating texture for the zipper.
  • Reworked the “classic” (let’s call it that) style glue seams, a bit thinner, and added two more on the sides.
  • Added creasing (some of it).
  • Made an open mouth version (needs some refining).
  • Uploaded another test mesh & test textures .
  • Wrote some of the code for open/closed mouth detection & mesh swapping.

I need to put my thoughts in order and break down the different textures I need to make for the variations. I also gotta decide which will be built-in and which will be addons.

Hood unwrapping and cleanup

A bit of a weird unwrap for the face & skull but I want it in such a way that hood designs that are symmetrical can use either “half” maps, and share textures between the left and right side or use “full” maps (I think it’s especially important for the rather large diffuse + alpha mask).

I’ve also unwrapped and cleaned all the metal parts and the zip channel.

(I still don’t have a place for the KDC logo…)

Shock collar updated to version 14

This small patch fixes the “The cover is locked” error message showing up when you click a locked collar (instead of the shock box).

More tweaking and fiddling…

I really think I should STOP tweaking at this point.

So tomorrow, UVMapping and maybe crease work on the high-poly.

And finding a place for my logo…

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