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Getting the final models ready

I’m getting close to completion now. Right now, my goal is to have a few variants to fit a few more heads.

I got 2 (almost 3) candidates at the moment:

  • The “K” version (original)
  • The “N” version (more masculine)
  • Possibly an M3V(s) version (not sure yet, due to the facial expression stuff)

I intent on making a few more, assuming I can get solid head references to work on.

Felicia style “done”

By done I mean. “This is enough, it’s Sunday night and I’m tired.”

Which brings the total to 58 variations across 6 main styles. I’m hoping to have everything done by next weekend!

Standard style, mostly complete

I went a little overboard, between the various eye and mouth opening options and the different color contrast parts, the “Standard” style has a total of 24 variations… that’s more than all the other styles combined 😀

One last style to do for release 🙂

Faceless hood improvements and yet another design.

I’ve added some extra seams from the hawk/falcon hood to the faceless hood to compensate a little for the lack of details and added the same alternate color patterns.

I’ve also started a more normal hood style. The objective there is to make a version that is a little less threatening than the one I initially made, a more “submissive friendly” look. The eyes are doing the job. The mouth seems a bit… odd.

Hawk hood sorted

I finally got something that I like. Funny enough, I used a falcon hood for reference…

I also made two extra patterns for it, because why not?

Two failed attempts at a “hawk” hood.

As expected (well, almost) the nose shape is proving to be a pain for the look I wanted to achieve.

I’ll try moving the hood “point” lower and lower along the nose until it looks less “wrong”.

Oh yeah covering the eyes better would be a plus too. I need more appropriate seaming too but that will come later.

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