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Hood progress

Not a lot to show for on the new hood, again. I’m sorry, it’s hot and there are a bunch of things going on.

I’ve reshaped the lips on my normal source to get something a bit more feminine (looks less like some retro/cybermen mask, which is good).

Ended up with lens-style eyepieces, that also look okay in open mode. Could be a bit bigger maybe?

I want to reshape the forehead bit to look more like an independent panel rather than something continuous. Not sure what to put on the temples themselves, however…


I’m in the middle of a server upgrade, so things are going to be a bit iffy on the website until I’m finished with this huge waste of time.

Cyber hood project

I’ve started some a new cyber hood project. It is heavily inspired by a Shodan cosplay that I liked a lot.

It appears to have some potential, I’m just not sure about the eye area yet. Having eye openings seem like it would make the most sense, and would also look a bit more lively than if I make it fully enclosed.

No mouth opening tho, and that is fine.

Most of the details are currently using floating geometry (even the MOUTH!). I need to practice and get better at this, it makes normal map detailing so much quicker.

The forehead need a lot of work, it would look a lot better with visible “plate” seams, but I have to keep it a latex hood. The uncovered “sides” also need to be fleshed out with surface details.

Avara Hood: The styling update.

Avara Hood — main product picture

It is me again, with yet another Avara Hood update! (please don’t hate me…)

This update is part of the bigger push I’ve done to modernize and unify my blindfold effect, you’ve seen it with the classic leather blindfold, well it’s now the same effect with the Avara Hood.

The other big improvement is that I’ve finally implemented a change in how style cards work that makes the styling menu a lot easier to navigate, and a lot faster too.

Avara Hood — Styling menuHood styles are now stored in pairs, as about 2/3rd of them have a matching inverted pair, you now have a dedicated button that inverts the currently active style. And for styles that don’t have an inverted version? Well it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve also changed menu traversal, so it requires fewer clicks to go around between categories and sub-categories.

All of this also means there is about 1/3 less style cards the script has to parse, which speeds up rebuilding the menu, and leave room for… More styles to come, I have a few ideas.

Because the new style card format is not compatible with the new hood, the new updated cards start with “skin2” and the old ones with “skin”. The new hood ignores the old cards, and the old hood one ignores the new cards… perfect, right?

Only those aren’t served by the updater… right, because I did not anticipate that it would ever be needed. I’ve already issued an automatic re-delivery for the marketplace purchases of the Malefica and Halloween Ghoul add-ons (If you got it from Patreon, you should go get the update from the gift terminal). For the in-world store on the other hand, I’m going to have to do this manually, so please IM me if I somehow forget to send them to you!

Iron Grip gag: the animation update

I’ve redone the base animation set for the Iron Grip gag from scratch, and added two alternate sets.
You can now configure which animation set it should use and create new ones (from your animations, or mix and matching).

Hopefully this should solve the biggest feedback issue I had on this item, and maximize the number of mesh heads it can be used with.

Check the manual for details

Working on a second pass for the iron grip gag.

I’ve remade all the iron grip gag mouth poses properly, improved even (IMHO).

Next step is to check with other heads and make 1 or 2 alternate sets if needed.

Tag plates “pride edition” released!

Tag plates - pride edition

New Tag plates! I should have done something like this a long time ago really, but I did not think it was important for a long time.

You could say that it is technically a “pride month special”, but it is not time-limited like the Halloween ones and will remain in store as a normal product, the timing just happens to coincide.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10% off), and from the Second Life Marketplace, I’ve also added it to my Patreon goodie bag.

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