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re-done in-world tests

All 3 sizes are done reference-wise and I’ve re-uploaded some test versions of the 1 meter flanges to try a different texture & face layout for the models.

So far, so good!

I really need to pick up the pace on this project, it has dragged on for long enough already.

A bit under the weather but things are okay

There hasn’t been a lot of updates lately, sorry about that. A lot of things have happened in the past 3 weeks that had me bounce between stress, anxiety, and some very mild illness.

I don’t know what it is, but it is very much non life threatening. Probably a hay fever/cold, anxiety/hypochondria cocktail, so don’t send me any funeral wreaths 🙂

That being said, sorry to disappoint, but it’s “return of the pipe kit” 😛

It took me an entire day to gather all my references again (for some reason I did not save any?) and to remember which ones I was using.

I decided to do some work on the two other planned pipe sizes and settled for 30cm and 10cm diameter.

The idea is that they are just small enough to fit behind each-others within the gap left by a 90° turns.

I’m also adding a raised “plate” on flange faces. It almost looks too busy, but it double as a pipe end cap, and makes sense given the bolt placement on each flange.

Options menu

So much time passes between my KyrahGame updates that I did not realize Unity completely removed the “default” options menu.

You know, the one that shows up on every shit unity game out there 😉

So I guess it’s time to write my own? This part (graphical options) was fairly easy, but I’m a bit worried about the keybinding menu.

New patron reward!

I’ve added a new reward for my Patreon subscribers!

Extra materials that match the earlier collar reward with the new cuffs!

Enjoy 🙂

Avara Hood update

Another update!

  • Default mouth poses are now detected when using Utilizator’s M4 Venus head (M4V preset only).
  • Separate auto-attach folders for the M4V and M3VS presets.
  • I added clearer RLV blinding status in the infobox.
  • Blinding status is also in the styling menu now.
  • Same as the blindfold, textures are hidden in RLVa mode and the pixelation bug is fixed.
  • There is now a config flag to suppress style change notifications.
  • There was a packaging bug with the M3VS preset that prevented locking it, this is now fixed.

Enjoy 🙂

Classic Leather Blindfold update

Small update with a couple of improvements and fixes:

  • Added a link to the documentation wiki on the infobox.
  • Added more details on the currently active RLV blinding on the infobox.
  • Textures are now hidden in RLVa mode (I initially disabled this because media prims and this function triggered a crash on Firestorm, but it appears to be fixed now).
  • Pixelation now de-activates properly when the blindfold is detached.
  • Changed a few text elements to be cleaner & more consistent.

It is now live on the auto-updater!

Worked a bit on the meat market reward skins.

So I’ve finished the cuff’s “hazard” stripes for the Meat Market cuffs (If you have been living under a rock lately, it’s a little ‘extra’ I have on my Patreon page)

I still have to do something for the shock tape version, the issue I’m faced with is that, with the side hoops there is hardly any space for the shock tape…

So I think I’ll either make it so the tape is only visible if you hide the rings, or I’ll just run the tape under the rings… and whatever is visible will be visible?

An update on kyrahgame

Crazy I know! I guess this project isn’t dead yet.

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