A bit under the weather but things are okay

There hasn’t been a lot of updates lately, sorry about that. A lot of things have happened in the past 3 weeks that had me bounce between stress, anxiety, and some very mild illness.

I don’t know what it is, but it is very much non life threatening. Probably a hay fever/cold, anxiety/hypochondria cocktail, so don’t send me any funeral wreaths 🙂

That being said, sorry to disappoint, but it’s “return of the pipe kit” 😛

It took me an entire day to gather all my references again (for some reason I did not save any?) and to remember which ones I was using.

I decided to do some work on the two other planned pipe sizes and settled for 30cm and 10cm diameter.

The idea is that they are just small enough to fit behind each-others within the gap left by a 90° turns.

I’m also adding a raised “plate” on flange faces. It almost looks too busy, but it double as a pipe end cap, and makes sense given the bolt placement on each flange.

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