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The KDC Tasanee Collar is out!

Tasanee Collar

And it’s out, right in time for an emergency Xmas gift! A more elegant collar for those formal occasions, or simply to reward an especially well-behaved submissive.

If locked with one of the valentine padlocks it looks just adorable 😀

The rivets can be fully configured with the HUD and you can write your own preset patterns using the 4 different rivet types (or no rivets too).

As usual you can find it at the KDC Main Store on the SecondLife Marketplace and on PrimBay.

Almost done

And it still doesn’t have a name, feel free to make a suggestion 🙂

I had to redo all the textures (as usual) due to a lighting issue and a UVmapping error. Today I rewrote my classic “coloring HUD” code to make it independent from the main code base.


Why? Because on many items, it’s the only reason that they have custom code and their own code branch and that’s just not optimal considering that the coloring HUDs are their own independent “thing”.

Only a few more details before the collar is ready: a name, HUD graphics, and to decide how to deal with the stud variations.

  • All in one with extra coloring HUD options? That’s a lot of hidden meshes…
  • All in the same package? That’s a lot of items in one box…
  • Sold separately? Feels a bit like nickel&diming…

Collar optimized and a first texture test.

No spikes, studs or frills yet, (although I am not sure that I will end up doing those frills. ), but otherwise, the bulk of the model is done. I also did a little texture test, and there might be a little resolution issue going on. I see a few rendering glitches here and there, but nothing that cannot be fixed.

Am I getting carried away?

Maybe just a little bit… I never had the opportunity to use spikes on anything. I’m not sure about the ruffled version however, I don’t like how it is attached on the inside.

Attempt #2, much improved collar shape.

All right, so for the list of changes… the back leather pieces is a lot narrower, I’ve removed the rounded corner which looked dumb and moved the small strap edge almost edge to edge of the back piece. I also changed the angle where the two pieces meet because 90° was just too extreme and unnatural. Then there is the back ring stuff.

Pro tip, the Blender bolt generator plugin makes some nice rivet heads with a flattened top… aaand it’s pretty quick.

I got some good feedback on the pillowed aspect of the inside so I’m keeping it for now.

Night update

I released a fix/usability patch for all the TB compatible collars:

  • FIXED: Animations improperly cleared on detach.
  • ADDED: Added low neck freeze animation to the collars that where subject to animation related clipping.
  • ADDED: Deleting the animation BACKGROUND_LOOP will disable the neck freeze without causing errors.

Dainty little collar

Here is a little thing that I started working on.


Since I don’t have any “fancy” collars in my collection I figured it would be a reasonable project  to squeeze in December (with the festivities and all it is unlikely I would get to complete a big project.


Desura and Indieroyale bankrupt?

The parent company of Desura and IndieRoyale appears to have filed for bankruptcy and there has been some issues with Desura not paying developers. I would advise everyone to activate their remaining steam keys and grab their DRM free installers while it is still possible.

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