Almost done

And it still doesn’t have a name, feel free to make a suggestion 🙂

I had to redo all the textures (as usual) due to a lighting issue and a UVmapping error. Today I rewrote my classic “coloring HUD” code to make it independent from the main code base.


Why? Because on many items, it’s the only reason that they have custom code and their own code branch and that’s just not optimal considering that the coloring HUDs are their own independent “thing”.

Only a few more details before the collar is ready: a name, HUD graphics, and to decide how to deal with the stud variations.

  • All in one with extra coloring HUD options? That’s a lot of hidden meshes…
  • All in the same package? That’s a lot of items in one box…
  • Sold separately? Feels a bit like nickel&diming…

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