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New project on it’s way!

I completely forgot to precise that the housekeeping uniform is now up for sale, well… my bad i guess…

you can find it at my inworld shop in dead realm, but also in the 4 non official web shops:

I’ve started a new project, which is to build a proper chastity belt with sculpts and — if I can manage it — in the same style I made the collar and cuffs. I’m aiming into making it ultra slim so it fits nicely under skirts 🙂

Yes, next touchbound object will be the nicest chastity belt ever made in SL, count on me 🙂

Just a little new thing

– EDIT – updated again

enjoy 🙂

A walk around the KDC manor.

I just finished the last texture adjustments for the manor, ot is not furnished, yet but i hope this will happen soon, now that the build is, finally, complete.

First the manor main entrance, the road is framed with a stone wall with decorative pillers and from there we can see the hotel building on the other side of the hill (but that’s just to situate the manor emplacement)

A few shots that show respectively the front entrance, service entrance and the garden access from the patio. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend project: One script, many doors

I just released on the LSL scripting library (that’s right, for free and open source) a script that allow you to control several linked doors from a single script, pretty useful on complex buildings that use many many doors (I shaved from my sim about 110 scripts using this system)

It features, auto closing, sounds, and an access list system for each door through notecard.

Still interested? it’s CLICK HERE.

Soo, where to go from now

Creating the TouchBound system was honestly, quite a pain in the ass, but i’m happy that i did it, making new objects will be much more convenient from now on.

Now the question i’m asking to myself, and to you who care to read this blog is:

Where to go now?

Of course i need to make more stuffs in the chrome lined style, the first two that came to my mind are upper arm cuffs and thighs bands.

The second one that comes to my mind would be a PROPER chastity belt, i haven’t made any in a long time and the chrome lined serie is a good opportunity to make a belt that actually look like a real life belt (sculpted prims of course) and to make it flat enough so it can be worn under the sl system skirts too.

Also when it comes to accessories that are not directly bondage toys, well from my understanding peoples still like to color their stuffs. And altho the chrome lined serie is modifiable i’ve been thinking about an accessory that could be immersive and (somewhat) fun to use: the anodizing tank.

The base concept is that it could permanently tint the metal stuffs using the age old electrolysis system that most peoples in the car tuning scene know (it’s basically a bath of a special solution the object is immersed into and a current runs through electrodes which bind the metallic pigment chemically on the surface of the object).

So , yeah of course it is “not” needed and is another accessory peoples would be encouraged to buy but i think it could offer some new interesting things, like a dungeon could have it’s own attached “public” customization workshop…. I don’t know if peoples would really like that…

The valentine padlocks had good results and seems to sell more than the round ones, they also tend to sell more than the fingerprint padlocks (which are easier to use but considering you get one with each items, it isn’t like there is the novelty effect).

I’ve had a chat with a few peoples who would be interested into time reliant padlocks. I initially had a fuzzy idea of making time enabled “key boxes” but maybe making directly padlocks that you can dial time in might be simpler.

So hey, enough about me babbling , tell me what YOU want!

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