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A little update on my new chastity belt

It’s getting closer, and it looks awesome!

As you can see it also fits nice and tight under system skirts 🙂

I only need to add a couple more details, and script it, i will release a global update to the touchbound system at the same time.

I took a break

In the case anybody wonder wy i was so silent, it has been a week now that i haven’t touched SecondLife, i really needed it. Call it some kind of vacation break if you want.

Anyway, i need to get back to work now…

Be wary of what your housekeeping staff do while you are away!

Sometimes they go watch tv and ease their butt on your leather couches 😀

more drinks, and a tablet computer

I’m just enjoying myself today 😀 Making cool toys.

And yes the laptop DOES work.

Little side project, serving tray

This is a little side project i’ve been working on an evening.. well really early morning.

Dispense glasses, automatically lay out the number of glasses on the plate, stop hold animation when no glasses are on it…

next step is to make it support multiple drinks.

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