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Shadows and SSAO in SL

Rocket boots

Some random stuff of course!

High security wing entrance

I guess those that will be locked past this door are REALLY dangerous.

Happy valentine day! New heart shaped padlocks!

And here is a new batch of nice things for the TouchBound system 🙂 This will start some variety in the locks you can get for it, those are keyed, and the key has a cute heart on it 🙂 also available in 3 keyed alike.

Safety glass to the high security wing

Finally! 8 new products, and the TouchBound system are released!

I have been working on this project since 2, maybe 3 months i’m not entirely sure anymore, but here it is, the TouchBound system!

For now 8 products are available, and it’s pretty much the start of a new product line, now that the basecode is written i “should” be able to create compatible items with a bit less downtime inbetween.

The TouchBound system is pretty much the result of all my thinking of how “I” would really like bondage and power play in SL to be: Intuitive, uncluttered, and close to reality, because for me, the main attraction in SL’s BDSM is to be able to experience “some” part of what it is in real life.

A quick features summary:

  • Self updating
  • Even if  most of the main TouchBound accessories are no transfer, the new package system still allow you to buy it for a friend, it will only become no transfer if you unpack it.(Thanks a LOT  to  Timeless Prototype for the help, inspiration and all, you are my hero in the scripter world!)
  • Zero configuration, no complex menus whatsoever.
  • Intuitive touch based interactions.
  • Low lag, only 4 tightly packed scripts, so it’s really easy on the sim you are in.
  • Leashing to objects, to leash handles, to peoples, drawing chains from any objects to any other compatible object.
  • 100% RLV compatible!
  • Realistic locking system with padlocks and keys that can be shared with other persons.
  • AO proof animation system, you can keep wearing your AO while being animated by TouchBound objects.
  • Sound effects, chain clicketing, locks snapping…

But… a few pictures are worth a thousand words 🙂

Also i’m moving all the documentations for my products to

Likewise, i now have a bug repor/feature request tool located at

Good old times

Timeless made me want to relog on there and i took a few pictures , made this crude collage. Those where the good days…

The Dead realm pier is done!

It was faster than i expected, maybe took me 1-2 days at best, and i’m pretty satisfied of the result.

I was kind of bothered because the road arriving in front of the Manor was kind of dull, and my Miss told me she would love to have a pier here.

So once i got myself into it i guess i couldn’t stop, plus it wasn’t the most complex build in the world anyway. I knew i first needed some sort of stairs from the road to go down the cliff, i also knew i didn’t want to make a typical wooden board pier, but i didn’t want to drift too much into a crummy industrial type.

Kinda settled for some simple floating platforms you often see  where leasure boats are anchored, they usually float on large foam ish structures.

Added a few crates here and there, Timeless Prototype suggested to add a radio stream, that gave me the occasion to get back out my old player from when i still had land in Livigno.

Also added a 7seas fishing spot, not really for the money tho… i just thought it would be fitting to be actually able to fish here while having a chat.

Anywhere here is the result 🙂

Pier and Marina

I developped some more the land in front of the manor, adding an abreviated marina, access stairs and floating pier segments, terraformed left and right and added a contouring wall to the manor land.

This corner of the sim is starting to really look nice…. I WISH i had some more decent land textures…

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