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The KDC victorian maid is out! (Finally)

After what seems like MONTHS (well it was months…)

The KDC Victorian maid uniform is out, this highly fashioned 1850-1900 style maid uniform should please to all the victorian/steampunk afficionados and also those that feel house employees should look prim and proper, and certainly not slutty.

Each set comes with skirt and top, prim elements for the apron bow, dress shoulders and cuffs a swell as a prim hat and a filling elements for the chest.

The vendor allow you to mix and match the following elements to create your own maid uniform style:


-plain black, the classic serving style.
-striped blue, this would be more fore light chores around the house.
-striped lilac, same as blue.
-striped light grey, this tone would be more for a cook or a kitchen/scullery maid.


-long, very protective, heavy works.
-knee length, good for serving or tasks where you are sitting down.


-standard style, the classic dress collar.
-standup collar (mandarin), a bit restrictive but strict looking.
-emily (mix between a standup and a standard collar), a bit of both styles.

apron bib:

-no bib, looks like a half apron
-square, classic work apron look
-rounded, like the square one but the bib is made of one piece with a rounded neck opening.
-V style, what i call the “travel bib” not exactly covering, open in a V shape on the dress.
-3 pannels, very simmilar to the square bib excepted the straps at the front form a large and very covering bib.

KDC’s Burden harness released :)

Here it is, definitely not your classic prancing harness, this one is designed with a sturdy leather appearance, heavy collar, plenty of d-rings, a strong belt and shoulder straps, it is perfect for putting the sweat of your very own beast of burden to good use.
And if you still like it fancy there are several colors available from the classic black/brown to the more flashy red and pink.
This harness should also look “allright” on males due to it’s rough look.

Almost there

Not exactly finished but we are getting there.

Cornershot anyone?

Never know, might still interest someone…

blog version update & capcha

Just did a little update to the blog software and added a capcha for the comments, sorry about this but spambots today are a pain in the ass, it use a little list of personal words, will add more as i go 🙂

Work in progress?

Still going the way to the nuthouse with mad detailing that SL can’t even display, here is the fruit of my labor:


Patch day, no play

I just spent a little more than 12 hours on upgrading my dedicated server, apache changed configuration AGAIN so i used a lot of time just to understand what was wrong in my configuration.

Now everything seems back to normal.

I’m not gone!

I know I have hit an all time lowest point in my sl presence and creation, I just have a lot to do these days.

I’m going to get my status of independent creator which take some bunch of paper and getting some consulting.
Also i am working on a project for a client in SL, Annoyingly enough it seems i’m in a “code blocking” phase, doesn’t help to finish a job.
I’ve spent a few hours on Team Fortress 2 beta, wich kind of made me feel like 9 years younger in the first days of my online gaming. I luv this game 🙂

Lets resurrect the one wich is already dead since …

I’m talking about UltimaOnline in the clawed hands of Electronic Arts. In a way i am quite happy , because Uo is and will remain my favorite MMORPG. Well now EA is pulling out their most expensive investment in Uo: Kingdom reborn.

Apparently they revamped the client and the game arts to make it more appealing to the players.

Well maybe it will give a second wind to Uo, maybe not, that depend how badly they screw up i guess.

They will screw up anyway, it’s EA after all.

The big question i am wondering is wich of the different server emulators, POL, Run/SunUO , LOnewolf … will have the guts to redo the reverse engineering of the client… And basically stay head to head with the current and new Uo.

Time will tell…

The flying (not spagetti) monster

Tomorrow i am taking a plane for the first ime in 10 years and i am dead scared.

You think i am afraid to fly? you are wrong, dead wrong.

I am afraid of everything ELSE that is linked to this flight.

Lets see:

2pm :in theory i should leave home at this point

3pm : In theory again after one tramway and the airport bus i SHOULD be at the airport.

3pm to 5pm : I gave myself two hours to do the following:

  • Checkin in my luggage (weight 21kg when the flight is limited to 20kg so lets see if i will have to pay or if their scale suck as much as mine)
  • Taking my tickets (i got one of these weird “print me” tickets that i need to exchange when i arrive)
  • Going to the security screening (i am transporting a crapload of metallic things aswell as laptop and various other electronic things.
  • Find my plane (first time i set foot in this airport)

5.30pm : take off.

And no it isn’t finished…

6:35pm : landing to the transit airport

6:35 to 9.05pm: nothing nada niet, maybe count the steps of the airport stairs…

9.05 pm: another embarkment — take off

11:05 pm: landing to my final destination, several thing to do:

  • find luggage
  • find my friend and get the ffff away from this.
  • 3 hours of bus til being able to hit the ground.

Lets do the math:

  • time airborne : 1.05+ 2.30 = 3.35 hours.
  • total time: 9 hours.


And i can see like 10 points where it can simply fuckup with various levels of consequences.

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