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I’ll be away for the next couple days

Monday to Wednesday most likely. I have to go help relatives to move in a new place, it is going to take a little while and internet will only be connected on Wednesday.

See you all later and let’s hope it doesn’t kill me~

Gag code feature creep, and more things.

I started the metal gag code, and I am working on some … kind of extendable approach, how can I explain this…

I’m effectively making the code that handles the different gag variants modular, which should make it possible to just “add” new ones later, or even create custom ones, I’m not entirely sure why I am doing this, other than reducing how much “snowflake code” having 4 different gags in one is creating.

This is also an opportunity to potentially code a bit better, go over old ways of doing things, using new functions, that sort of stuff. I thought I could wrap this up before the weekend, but that’s a little too optimistic.

Twitter appears to want a fairly large set of rights on any picture uploaded on their service, and I’m not sure that I want to give them those rights, so I’m considering adding some sort of watermarking, or maybe stop sending pictures to twitter entirely when posting updates. We’ll see.

A very late update

Sorry for the lack of update, last week was a little rough on me. I am currently helping a relative moving to a new apartment, and I guess it was a little too much for me.

I have not made much progress since last time but made a bunch of LOD models as the automatically generated ones did not satisfy me.

Furthermore, I still have not figured out a good way to differentiate the rubber and metal ball-gag, surface wise.

metal gag textures and models more or less complete.

So that’s 4 mouthpieces for the metal gag, with 5 texture sets (the ball gag version has a metal and a rubber version).

My VR equipment was sent on RMA so no VRChat this weekend, which means I’ll probably try to get more work done… and more sleep.

I need to finalize the textures (a couple of final touches, watermarks and other checks) and make proper LODs for the gag pieces that need them.

And finally… whatever code is needed to get this to all work properly. It’s getting there!

Metal gag in-world test!

Here is a progress update on the metal gag. Well, I say progress, but I didn’t get a lot done, unfortunately.

I had some UVs to correct after packing some parts to their final texture size & ratio. I also wasted a bunch of time trying to understand why my renders were too dark, checking my render settings, color management, one thing after another… until I realized that my scene lights weren’t around the object. Good job Kyrah.

The mouth plate could have more color variations and the wear is a little too even to my taste… I’m still working on that.

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