The KDC Narrow Cell is out!

KDC Narrow Cell product picture

It took longer than I would like (I always say this…) but here it is, the KDC Narrow Cell is out!

Function wise it has the same features as the full-size variant but comes with one additional theme inspired by one of my favorite Japanese artists and two window variants (as well as a windowless version) If you aren’t familiar with it already I’d recommend checking out the manual.

I’ve priced it a little lower than the full-size cell because well… it IS smaller and I expect people won’t find as much use for it, unless you are specifically looking for something not much bigger than an utility closet, or to save space. Despite being smaller it doesn’t really use less LI when placed, I’m sorry about that but there isn’t anything I can do about it without butchering the LODs.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main store (10% off and a live demo area) or on the SecondLife Marketplace.


3 Responses to “The KDC Narrow Cell is out!”

  • Yardley Footman:

    (Jumping way back to comment on an on-topic post)
    So last week I was at a prison using the large cell as an Iso cell, bound in a standing position, standing on the “Stand here” box. And I thought “Wow, kind of a waste of space.” And I thought, what if there were a standing cell version, only as deep as the door is wide? Maybe with a lot of rings, or just one overhead.

  • Interesting idea, I suppose I could try to develop something like that, maybe a 3 in one or something hehehe 😀

  • Yardley Footman:

    Yeah, I thought it would be simple to leverage the assets you already have. And I’m in love with that door….

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