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Late night micro-bikini update

Looks like I couldn’t post this micro-bikini update before midnight… oh well.

I’ve detailed the little fabric “patch” on the back of the panties a little bit. I’m also reshaping the “string” piece on both variants to get it deeper between the buttcheeks.

That’s a pretty big gap between the back of the panties and the buttcrack. I’m not sure that you should be able to carry a shot glass there…

I’ve messed up the UV map on the “strap” version so I’m also fixing that.

Creasing & detailing.

Onto creasing & detailing since I finally have an excuse to test Blender’s sculpting tools. I am fairly impressed by the result so far. The “undo” brush and the smear displacement brush are especially useful.

(I really need to store my tablet together with the last mini-USB cable I have left…)

I was sick yesterday so today’s update is a bit light, mainly the creasing but I’ve also normal mapped the “crotch strap” variant and the remaining bows.

I tried to add a fabric weave but it did not look very good so I ended up removing it. I can always set my renders to “fast” if I want some grain 😛

Bikini, hair & table update

Multiple project updates, namely the micro bikini, hair & table. I’ve been cleaning up the knotwork on the bikini and adding some relief to the ribbons, I don’t know if it will end up visible at all, but it feels like it adds a lot of definition.

The hair stuff is just… I dunno I really have a problem with this project and I keep comparing my poly work with other people,  it is extremely frustrating.

I’ve added cuffs to the bondage table thing and cleaned up here and there, I forgot where I’ve seen this design, there is definitely a “sci-fi movie” vibe going on.

A somewhat less outrageous thong.

A less outrageous thong version for the bikini project. I’m still cutting it really low but hey, modesty is saved right? ~

I’ve also added ties wherever they are needed. I need to optimize those straps a little more than that and shape the thong fabric” a little better. I had a bunch of things to do yesterday, which explains the relatively low amount of content in this update.

Bikini thing progress.

I am going to change a few things in my life, and how I work in general that should make things a little more efficient and projects a little less drawn out. I won’t go into details, and I hate that it feels like “giving up” but my current schedule was slowly driving me insane.

I really don’t like making bows and ribbons because of the whole “perfectionism” thing. These look believable enough and it only took me… hours?

The top came out quite well. I can probably add a little bit of creasing on there…

Micro-bikini and other random ideas.

I’ve played with a lot of random ideas for furnitures the past week or so. I’m trying to come up with interesting designs and/or improving existing real-life ones.

I also started working on a micro-bikini of my own. I’m sure there is something like this already for avatar 2.0 but I’m just going to assume it is either terribly made, or with bad permissions.

As usual, my expectations are low…

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