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The Malefica addon is out!

Since I released the Avara Hood (earlier this year), I’ve been dying to create more styles for it that I felt where not “standard” enough to be part of the original selection.

I think this is a good example of a hm… fairly sexy/scary hood? I like it!

As usual, you grab it from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace!

Oh and don’t forget that this is an add-on! you need the Avara Hood to use it!

KDC Avara hood updated!

Small patch for the KDC Avara Hood

  • The wearer is now notified when someone else changes their face plate.
  • Fixed a typo error that made the hood locking point a chain target.
  • Demo versions output their exact scale in the resize menu.

Malefica hood, more variations.

Sorry for being silent, but this took longer than planned, due to repeated mistakes.

  • Original: the main design, with lip cleft & forehead notch.
  • Triangle: adds a triangular detail on the forehead notch.
  • Plain: No “face” contour, no lip cleft and forehead accent.
  • Pierrot: no lip cleft, permanently blind, with an optional mouth hole.

There are some more “minor” options, such as inverted colors and blinding eyepieces, for a total of 16 possibilities…

Good hood progress!

I managed to get things to a place I quite like now… I just happened to have forgotten the nose holes.

New project & Blindfold update

This week I started working on a new set of faceplates for the Avara hood, it’s not really there yet, but here is a little sneak peek.

In addition, the classic leather blindfold had a bug with the screen pixelation option, so I just released an update for it.

Come celebrate Kyrah’s 15th rez-day!

I am organizing a little party on the Dead Realm Hinamizawa pier (M) to celebrate my 15th rez-day, Saturday 06/08/2019 at 11am Second Life time (SLT)!

Event listing if you need a reminder

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