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Classic Leather Blindfold update

I pushed yesterday a small patch to the blindfolds that shaves about 1-2kb off the core script, some of you have reported that it would run out of memory after a while. This should provide a healthy buffer of free memory and reduce the chances of it happening again.

However if it does, drop me a PM in SL, or just fill the bug report form!

Lady Eleanor riding crop update

I just pushed a small patch to the Lady Eleanor riding crop that fixes the crop holder’s refusal to rez a crop on land that you own if group members (or all users) don’t have rez right themselves. It should work properly now.

On a sidenote, for the love of what is right and good in this world, please keep rez right on your land and set your autoreturn to one minute instead… please?

New release! KDC Amanda boots!

Considering the similarities between the Amelia and the Amanda boots, it felt natural to give them closely related names. Despite the similarities however, the Amanda boots have been reconstructed and reoptimized and I am pretty impressed at how close to the original leather I managed to get, considering both boots have been made using completely different tools.

The Amanda boots are a more typical ballet boot design with a balance defying foot arch, I also added a little pull-loop at the back because you would probably need one in a real life setting 🙂


As usual you can get your own pair from the KDC Main shop, the Secondlife Marketplace and also on the PrimBay. (Be sure to enable adult content on primbay because apparently ALL fetishes are considered mature, even boot fetish… go figure)

Finally something new to show!

-1 Without materials.
-2 With materials.
-3 to 5 with materials, final version.

That’s enough work for today, incoming headache unfortunately.

Running in circles, figuratively.

I probably did more than 20-30 texture tests between today and yesterday, but I THINK that I finally nailed it. I will post later today once I have something to show on the boots.

Unrelated things, and server outage.

First! There was another outage today, I was told that there was a hardware incident at the hosting facility, to anyone who experienced undelivered products, feel free to contact me.

Now for the unrelated thing…

I couldn’t resist and decided to work on my apartment project until I could place it in SL. Well I did it, also made some window mesh for it, there is still a lot to be done but at least it isn’t weighting on my mind anymore.

I will resume normal schedule as soon as possible, sorry about that.

Oh yeah, you can visit it if you want to, it is replacing once of the elevator destinations in the shop!

Ballet boot UVs, first draft

This was tonight’s work, along with some progress on my apartment/interior project. As usual, non final UVs, but most of the important things are uncluttered and cleaned. I’m thinking about reusing the lacing and hook textures from the Amelia boots, so I haven’t moved them on the texture map. I might just re render them anyway to re-pack the UVs tighter.

I did a second optimization pass on the boots and laces and got rid of a handful of hidden faces on the hooks and laces, it’s not “much” unfortunately but it’s better than nothing, the lacing still weights 2/3rd of the boots which bothers me but that’s what I get for fully modeled laces I guess.

Here is a shot of the apartment, I gotta say making UVs for buildings is far more annoying than for wearables.



Ballet boot LPM: Good progress.

More steady progress tonight, I restarted about 3 times on the low poly model, it’s VERY similar to the Amelia one, but I think I’m gonna try to optimize it a bit more, there are areas that bother me on it. such as the back of the foot. I meant it’s okay but it could be a bit less without losing much in term of smoothness.

Uvs, Stitches, fabric, …

I tried to give a little bit of shape to the soles, vaguely reminiscent of ballet slippers, and a slight asymmetry to get a left and right shoe. I’ve also done the paneling for the spine of the boot, and added stitching and color masking.

Ballet boot progress

Again, I’m taking a few shortcuts here, I worked some more on the foot shape with Shigeko and this appears to be satisfactory.

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