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New release! KDC Strict leather braced collar

Unsurprisingly, the new collar is finally out 🙂

It features a total of 3 chaining rings (front, left and right) all LockMeister compatible, a double set of locking straps in the back. Two “stiff” neck poses: a normal one and a “gag” version that is automatically activated when wearing a ball gag (or any other gag that uses the express_open_mouth animation).

Material enabled textures, customisation HUD, RLV locking, leashing, the usual 🙂


And as usual, you can grab it from the KDC Main shop, the SecondLife Marketplace or from PrimBay

Almost at destination!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, I worked a lot and didn’t feel like posting every changes.

I thought that I had nailed it friday texture wise but by sunday I had decided to rearrange my UVmap to squeeze a little more detail on the straps. As a result, I had to redo all the textures. I finished them sometimes last night (right before I had to go on a (RL) appointment). Following this, a quick snooze and I was back at it…

It’s almost done, I should be able to release in the next couple of days, so in the meantime, here are a few vanity shots, from SL this time 🙂

Low poly model done!

2303 triangles for the whole model! That’s not bad at all, it’s in the same range as the shock collar, and the shock collar has some rather intricate little parts. I guess I’m getting better at judging those things now.

Next step for tomorrow: The unwrapping. A few things to consider then, I need to put the outside and the inside on separate texture maps to maximize texture efficiency, I will probably do some UV space sharing on all the metal parts, like I did on the blindfold. It is a little tricky to achieve in blender, but it led to good results last time.

Third time’s a charm?

Alright, apparently the last update to the paw mittens that I released introduced a script run time error…

So instead of trying to fix it, I moved forward and decided to finish the porting of the paw mittens to the new TouchBound code base, which doesn’t have those issues. Frankly I should have done that a while ago but I always managed to postpone it to “later”.

The mitten blocking code should be a lot more robust now, and with an up to date wrist animation set.

Sorry again, all buyers should receive version 6 the next time they wear any of the previous versions, whether the main script crashed or not. If not, you know where to find me 🙂

Paw mittens bugfix … again!

It has been brought to my attention that I somehow failed to address the problem that the paw mittens had. I guess I was tired or something because I left a rather large issue. This time, it really IS fixed.

Paw mittens bugfix

Turns out that I shipped the wrong version of the paw mittens when I moved them to the new updater and that instead of the working version, I published an unfinished pre-release. As a result they weren’t quite functional. Thank to Wynterwyn for the report.

Looks decent…


What do you think?

And here is the elected variation.

I organized a little informal vote on the 4 possible front ring designs I made yesterday, and here is the winner. All the straps have been rebuilt so they are nice and clean. Modeling wise, this is the “final” version of the high polygon mesh (UNLESS something comes up obviously).

1-2 hour break and then it’s time (finally) for texturing.

Midnight express delivery to Opencollar

I had promised to do a collar for the OpenCollar project so I used tonight’s caffeine induced insomnia to produce quickly (9 hours still…) something simple and elegant following Wendy Starfall’s specifications.

Here is the result. 🙂

Reconstruction, strap work and more questions.

I’ve rebuilt the lower and upper edge so they are identical in thickness and along their whole length, the originals ended up a little mangled by the time I was done shaping the collar. I straightened the back, removed some kinks in the shape and also finished the buckle/strap assembly in the back. Now I’m trying to decide about the best way to attach the rings to the main strap.

Passing the D-rings directly on the strap and riveting it is the “classic” method I’ve been using on almost all my leather products. The other option is to use a small leather loop riveted under the main strap. The advantage of this method is that the ring falls lower which… looks more interesting on the front of the collar and make use of some of the space we have there. The major drawback is that I’m gonna have to greatly minimize this ugly “bulge” that the 3 layers of strap create if I want to use this style.

Alternatively I could add an extra ring to bring the anchor point lower but… I don’t know about that.

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