Reconstruction, strap work and more questions.

I’ve rebuilt the lower and upper edge so they are identical in thickness and along their whole length, the originals ended up a little mangled by the time I was done shaping the collar. I straightened the back, removed some kinks in the shape and also finished the buckle/strap assembly in the back. Now I’m trying to decide about the best way to attach the rings to the main strap.

Passing the D-rings directly on the strap and riveting it is the “classic” method I’ve been using on almost all my leather products. The other option is to use a small leather loop riveted under the main strap. The advantage of this method is that the ring falls lower which… looks more interesting on the front of the collar and make use of some of the space we have there. The major drawback is that I’m gonna have to greatly minimize this ugly “bulge” that the 3 layers of strap create if I want to use this style.

Alternatively I could add an extra ring to bring the anchor point lower but… I don’t know about that.

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