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About transparency levels

I realise I probably should have showcased this when i made the Lorelei hoods.

So here is what makes “my” transparency special:

  • It is not a “flat” transparency: There are various levels, the latex is a little less transparent inside creases for instance.
  • The glue seams are “thicker”: In the real world if you put two semi transparent pieces of latex on top of each others, the result is roughly twice less transparent, I tried to include this “feature” into my transparent garments.
  • The zippers are fully opaque: I have yet to see a zipper that actually look transparent in the real world. This means that on my catsuits, the zippers are fully visible at all time.

All those little details are, what i believe, making my transparent latex pretty unique and realistic. As I said before with the hoods, not every color is equal when doing transparency, some are barely shadowing the skin and some really overpower it with their own color, and that’s why I offer 3 transparency levels with no extra fees.

First tries on the transparent revosuit!

I thought i would share my progress on the transparent revosuit.

I’ve applied most of what I learned while creating the Lorelei hoods, mainly to improve on my earlier attempts at transparent catsuits. As for the hoods, I will be providing 3 levels of “thickness/transparency”, but there won’t be any metallic zipper option on these. I don’t think anybody order transparent latex with metallic zips anyway IRL…

Torque3D is now free and open source!

Those who have been following me for a while know i tend to dabble into game design and that I have been, for a while now, a licensed developer for Torque3D.

Torque3D is now free, and they released the source code for everyone out there under an MIT license.

You can download the latest source repository and documentation from github here.

My apologies

I apologise for the long time without anything new, initially I thought that I was going to take a short break, waiting for my replacement display adapter to arrive ( it’s really hard to work without a dual display once you got used to it ), but I just received a mail of the company explaining me they had stock problems on this specific spare part and that I would be delivered as soon as they receive it.

I thought about putting another poll up but I think I will postpone that after I’m done with the next project.

New release! The Lorelei latex hood is out!

This hood complete the Lycia hood by offering the same options, but in a yummy transparent latex.

On top of this all those options are available in 3 transparency levels, because everyone’s skin is of a different tone, and will react differently to the latex.

This brings us to a total of 18 layers per color for only 300L$ per color!

The “Complete Edition” has all colors with a nice 25% saving.

Click here to teleport to the KDC main shop!

Visit my store on the Marketplace!

Making computers in SL

I’m almost done with the new hoods ( It’s  “Lorelei hood” now ) I only have to box it all up really. I’ve been working on a little “cool” side project for making computer screens in SL, so here is a little screenshot.

Sneak peek on the transparent hoods

Sorry for the delay.

I am still recovering from computer failure, that and I took a lot of time fixing the last renders I needed but now I can show you all this!

Since it is the same serie as the “Lycia hoods”, I am tempted to call it “Lea hoods” (same first letter, same serie?) Each color has a zipped and zipless version aswell as standard, ponytail and pigtail.

Add to this 3 different latex thickness ( 50% 33% and 25% ). I figured that depending of the avatar skin tone and the hood color used, more or less transparency is required.

A long time with a broken motherboard.

I’m apologize for the long inactivity, it was completely independent of my will. My computer decided to commit suicide Tuesday and i only got the replacement parts today.

Stay tuned for something new very soon 😉

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