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And 4 more bits!

This is the last batch before I start preparing them for release. ENJOY 🙂

And five more!

I’ve redone my ring texture, so I took the opportunity to make a “loose ring” style. I might bundle it with the bridle… I don’t know.

The other one you saw before, I thought the shape of those shanks was very elegant… But it’s also huge. I will probably sell it as is, but will add a warning that it is “recommended for posture collars”.

That’s the second time I edit this post, I guess I’m on a roll 🙂

Two first bits done!

The two first bit variations for the PonyPlay bridle are pretty much done, with their own hud (it’s doing the same thing as the original but those visually match).

Those have the same rubber mouthpiece, but with different shanks. I started with rubber mouthpieces because those will not need any code “patch” to work properly. This should bring a little more variation.

Note that the “4 ring” style doesn’t have any loose rings on the lever ends on purpose, i thought it would make it a little more compact. There is also no reason to have such rings when the lever tips are wide like that.

Feel free to send me pictures of mouthpieces you would like me to make 🙂

A little update on the institutional straitjacket.

Version 1.4b is here, fairly minor adjustments but I’m sure everyone will welcome them:

  • Removed the invisible prims
  • Added a set of alpha layers  (5 lengths in 10 pixels increments)

If you want the new jacket, just send me a private message, those who bought it from the marketplace can simply ask for a redelivery (I think?).

Otherwise, there is a free box in my in world shop for those who just want to grab the alpha layers.

I am a little sick this week but i should be back working monday.

And one more!

Some more bits of bits :)

For those wondering “What the hell is this?”, it’s called a “closed spoon” bit and it’s used on horses that tend to put their tongue over the bit. The two wide spoon shapes prevent him to do so.

I have one at home, on human ponies it’s very uncomfortable makes you unintelligible and drool a lot!

Working on new bits :)

Enjoy the peek 🙂

New release, the Rebecca Catsuit!

Done and done, it is available in 3 version:

  • Basic: Front to back style in one color, all transparency levels.
  • Premium: Has all the entry styles and optional breast zips, one color, all transparency levels.
  • Complete: Contains everything I’ve made for this suit, all colors, all layers, that’s about 768 pieces (!!!).

It is based on the revosuit so it can be used as an overlay and create some strange colors 🙂

As usual you can find it in any of my satellite vendors, The KDC main shop and The SecondLife Marketplace

My apologies for the delay.

I expected to finish before last friday, but it turns out that putting textures on 768 garments in sl and naming them is absolutely mind numbing and I’m still not finished (I didn’t have the courage to push myself to work on it for the entire weekend).

I’m lacking sleep right now and completed two more colors, only 3 of 8 left to do.

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