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Two fraggin’ millions

for those that watch it, my key2name database just blew the 2 million entries mark.

My little sculpties experiments

I will add a few pictures of my experiments with sculpties in the beta grid, who know, might be interesting?


some more work on the CornerShot

cornershot14.jpg cornershot15.jpg
Here is a small update, i started building a pistol, a glock so i hope it won’t be too complex, i am not really feeling easy with making handguns, i have tendencies to feel it looks too simple.

Sad day for little France


Here is a little summary of the sapper work the government majority worked on during the last 5 years. Apparently for some peoples giving up citizen freedom to curb violence and terrorism is a fair trade. Sometimes i wonder why i am still part of this country. Today might be the first stone that will entomb the freedom of information on the French internet. A sad and dark day indeed.

Kriss Kriss …. Karamba!

Here is another nice release that costed me a few nights of work 🙂 enjoy getting me sleep deprived 😀


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