Upcoming blindfold update

I’ve been working on a blindfold update, a few general improvements, but the big one is to finally have a consistent and unified blinding code that (should) work with all RLV viewers.

The bulk of the last two days was fixing everything I broke previously 😛

I also have a slightly better way to select the fog/haze color now (and a few other small changes, such as LSD offsets).

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  • Yardley Footman:

    Oh good. While I love the look of the blindfold, I absolutely hated the weird color shift I got when I used the RLV enabler. But if I didn’t, nothing else really worked. It would have been nice if that supported some configurations or limits.

    Or have you moved away from having the one widget to handle all RLV? (Or did you already and I missed it?)

  • Technically, it doesn’t handle “all” of RLV, only version checks. But no, that is still a thing.
    On the blinding effect side of things, there has been a configuration flag you can set in the blindfold inventory to disable it for a while now.

  • Yardley Footman:

    Heh, that’s what I get for not RTFMing….

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