More colors and setbacks

As the title says it, more colors and setbacks. I ended up re-rendering a bunch of textures THREE TIMES over the past two days, I discovered that I wasn’t using the same bump mapping settings on the pants and the jacket, and then the white color I was using was washing out everything, and finally, I had some issues on island borders to fix…

I’ve added a white version (no picture here) as well as the 4 colors you can see in the pictures. Yes that’s a lot of blue and green options, and yes, there will be a tinting option for everything else, don’t worry ^^.

Furthermore, I’ve also started writing the scripts for body hiding, applying HUD settings, and also the hypothetical “transponder”, to allow facilities to force a specific style on visitors. I’m doing it from scratch today, as a way to “clean” my head from all the modeling & texturing of the past few weeks.

A note on the transponder. The idea is that if a facility has an active transponder (it will only work if the script and the landowner match, obviously), they can effectively override the appearance of the uniform for the duration of the wearer’s visit. I’ll probably release the facility script as some form of “open-source” to make integration easy. Supposedly it should allow to have per-avatar settings, but I’ll try to avoid over-complicating the example.

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