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A handful of pants and chests

I’ve just finished pants and chests variants for the prisoner uniform. I did a bunch of tests with the assistance of a friend (with has a big collection of shoes) and cobbled together 3 variants of the prison uniform pants that are tucked at the ankle, below the knee and mid-thigh respectively.

  • The “mid-thigh” variant appears to work properly with my Ayumi ballet boots, despite the fact I wasn’t even shooting for these.
  • The “below the knee” version works quite well with all my knee boots and a few from other creators. It isn’t perfect, it works “okay”.
  • The ankle high version turned out to be the most compatible of all after a few adjustments, making the pants a little bigger around the calves.

I’m not shooting for polygon-perfect compatibility here, “good enough” is what I’m hoping for.

I forgot to take pictures of the small and large breast sizes for avatar 2.0, somehow? So in the meantime here is the “flat” version for… flat chests and boy chests. I’ve also slightly widened the bottom of the jacket to avoid clipping.

I tried to make a version of the pants that would fit under the warden straitjacket, but I can’t get it to look right…

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February 2023