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Lined Chrome Collar remodeling

This probably wasn’t the most urgent thing in the world, but despite its age, the Lined Chrome Collar is a fairly important product because it contains all the core features used by all the other items… and yet it is still an old crappy sculpted prim.

Since I don’t really have the original models anymore, my goal here is to recreate it as best as I can, but also to correct the many issues of the original, especially the ludicrous polygon count.

The first picture is the original, 15000 triangles… The new one isn’t complete yet but weighs a mere 2800 triangles, with all the parts that are done at the moment.

Cell update!

The 3 cells have been updated!

The changes are mainly about improving the experience-powered furniture scripts and some cleanup on the preset menu.

  • Added furniture variants with built-in tie-down points that use the same reachability configuration as the main furniture.
  • The experience system will now attempt to re-seat users that logged off while sitting on a piece of furniture.
  • There is a new configuration option that allows to “reserve” a piece of furniture if someone logs out while sitting on it.
  • I did some cleanup on the prison/narrow cell preset menu to make it a bit clearer to navigate (I also added a demo flag but that’s just for me really).

Lined Chrome Collar test release

The lined chrome collar has always been the first item to get new system features, and so I’m using it this time again. I just released an update for it than includes the latest changes & fixes.

I won’t roll it out on anything else yet, this is to see if there are any major issues I need to fix.

Lined Chrome Collar Changelog:

  1. Added the ability to lock the wearer in a sitting position when a chain is drawn to the sat-on object.
  2. Added an animation purge function & new menu layout to the RLV activator.
  3. I fixed a rare bug where normal chains could turn into suspensions after a relog.
  4. Objects that use the multi-anchor plate script can be sat on without triggering a link refresh (no more message).
  5. The wearer of a TouchBound item cannot draw chains longer than 2 meters to prevent self-suspension accidents (this doesn’t affect other avatars).

Again this is more of a pre-release than anything. But if you can give this update a look, please do and give me your opinion!

Where things are right now.

It took me a couple of days to finally fix that annoying bug where on relog chains could turn into suspensions if you stood in a spot that qualifies for a suspension. I’ve also given a beauty pass to the RLV activator, it uses symbols where text isn’t necessary (UTF characters really), and I tried to make the menus a bit more explicit in what they are doing.

I’ve also added to it a” function to stop all currently playing animations, this can break stuff (but not TouchBound products because of the TB animation manager), but it can also be helpful.

I’ve also added a safety feature that prevents the wearer of a TouchBound item from chaining themselves to an object further than ~2 meters away. This might be seen as a downgrade, but the main reason is to spare you the embarrassment of chaining yourself to a chaining point that you cannot reach anymore as soon as RLV kicks in. It will only affect the wearer obviously, and people playing with you won’t be affected by this restriction.

Mid-march code madness

I haven’t died! I merely took a break.

I’m easing back into work mode with some work on the TouchBound core code, fixing some bugs, and adding small quality of life features, I might be on this the entire week as I’ve left the issues/feature request pile up for a long time.

I haven’t yet decided what will be the next product either.

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