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A small update for the Doodle & Strike

I corrected a texture display issue on the medium/large chest and on the fitted belly. I also slightly changed how the menus work:

Now, whenever you select a doodle, the menu will not re-open unless this doodle has multiple steps. This should alleviate some of the extra clicking and frustration that it caused.

Click here to check it out on the SecondLife Marketplace.

The ankle suspension update!


The following products have been updated to support ankle suspension!

Cuff suspension update

I’ve updated most cuffs to support wrist suspensions and the bondage belt front ring.

Updated products:

The classic leather bondage belt is out!

Quick little feature breakdown, it has (almost) all the poses the chastity belt had, two new ones for “forced posture” aswell as suspensions on all the chaining rings and the ubiquitous texturing HUD. Enjoy 🙂

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main Store, or on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Collar suspension update

The following collars have been updated:

  • Suspension mode! Triggers when a leash is drawn to an anchor directly above the avatar.
  • Added front and back neck suspension.
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn’t check their own internal state before allowing an animation.
  • Reclaimed some memory from obsolete functions.

Objects affected:

  1. Lined Chrome Collar.
  2. Heavy Metal Collar.
  3. Shock Collar.
  4. Tasanee Collar.
  5. Classic Posture Collar.
  6. Classic Pet Collar.
  7. KDC/ER Chrome Collar.

The Leather braced posture collar will be updated later as it require a few extra animations.

Belt suspensions woo.

I’m gonna run a few final tests before I begin rolling this update out. In the meantime, here are some pictures.

One more animation left!

I’ve added a pair of static animations that force the avatar to bend forward and back if the collar is chained to front/back of the belt, it’s not much but it combine well with other bound poses.

So all that’s left is the belt back suspension pose really.

Hopefully I’ll be done tomorrow.

Belt HUD done.

I kept running in circle on those suspension animations, so I decided to focus my attention on the HUD today. The only thing remaining now is those dreaded animations…

Back to the belt itself.

I think the suspension code is probably bug free but I’ll be able to run more tests once I’m done with belt suspension.

I finished the two suspension animations for the lined chrome collar (don’t worry you will be able to turn that off if you don’t like the idea of neck suspension).

I also fixed a small bug in the main TouchBound code that I will roll out as an update at some point.

I made an extra set of poses for cuffing the wrists to the front of the belt and I’m doing some adjustments in the animation rules to make a few more points eligible for animations.

Next step is to tackle the belt suspension animations. All 4-5 of them…

Base of the suspension code is done.

I can’t really find bugs in it anymore. Tether points that are overhead are automatically detected as suspension rings and trigger the suspension animation aswell as the suspension code. I also modified basic tethers to have a “click and drag” mechanic to adjust the suspension height. It’s a little weird tho.

I have a really basic “neck” suspension I did for testing. It almost looks right, excepted when it doesn’t. Being a partial animation it kinda relies on your AO to look a bit lively…

Better animation required? Definitely.

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