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Sneak peek!

Can you guess what I have been up to? :3


Wasn’t I supposed to take a break?

I kinda was, but I ended up working my ass off the first half of this week on a new project.

I really would like to post pictures for it but it is a little… complicated at the moment and I realized that all the WIP pictures I took so far aren’t really helpful, or are just plain awful.

The KDC Classic pet collar is out!

This is technically ahead of schedule, I was actually expecting to spend the entire weekend on it. I guess I overestimated the work required, or underestimated my abilities?



The feature set is fairly similar to the Tasanee collar, but I wanted something less fancy that could actually exist in a mid/high-end pet store, something that could be slightly humiliating to wear. The main difference with my usual leather work is that I’ve done things differently for the backing this time and improved the clarity of the stitches in the normal maps. Another difference is that it has a dedicated leash ring instead of the locking buckle doubling up as a chaining point.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main shop or the SecondLife Marketplace.

Bedtime Breakthroughs

The “thing” I thought that I had solved yesterday wasn’t solved at all. It turns out that normal baking is processed in a way i had not considered and that was the problem really. I ended up redoing my material nodes, taking in account that I needed to populate the “normal” slot on my final material.

Crazy… The kind of solution you come up with… trying to nap.

This last picture is a “non final” test of the baked maps.

Shock collar bugfix

I just pushed the shock collar version 10 on the updater:

  • FIXED: Bug that caused the radio module to turn off when the anti-bark function was enabled too.

New in the Touchbound free bundle

I just added a moddable multipoint anchor plate that uses the same system as the lattice cage. Enjoy 🙂

Low polygon pass

Not much to see today, some poly reduction. I should probably go lower than that.

Strange material problems

Friday/Saturday I ran into a problem where my metal was getting embossed with the leather details for some unknown reason. After rebuilding the different node sets a bunch of times, I came to the conclusion that you get unreliable results with multi material setups if you use the enclosing material into the node graph, or if it is missing from the node graph.

Obsessive procrastination.

Let’s just call it that way.

  • Sharpened the edges a little more, fixed the strap ends, shortened the tongue.
  • Took a really long time to come up with a felt-ish material for the raw side of the leather.
  • Accidentally put it on the wrong side of the backing.
  • Still haven’t unwrapped the model, maybe later tonight.

Kind of a picture dump…

I tried a few different ideas, doubling all the leather was just too much, and making a protective flap to prevent “buckle bites” looked out-of-place.

It looks neat with the studs.

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