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Texturing and colormatching

For some reason, the blender colors are… different from “normal” colors, I need to figure what’s up with that. But in the meantime here is another little update! I got most of the details I wanted in and even managed to get a metal that looks similar to my usual one. I thought making the inner side of the tip red would be a nice touch too.

Riding crop, a first draft

I wanted a small project that could be completed fairly quickly to get more experience on Blender, so I thought that since I’m always lacking interesting props, I should make a nice riding crop. So here is a bunch of work in progress pictures 🙂

More updater work

I took more time to put most of the “delivery only” items (not updated) on the new system.

  • Round padlocks.
  • Fingerprint padlock.
  • Valentine padlocks.
  • Piercing weights.
  • Face slapper.
  • Bridle blinkers.

There is still 46 products left to update, I’ll try to do 1 or 2 a day to be able to work on other things at the same time.

New updater test rollout.

I just rolled an update on the HeavyMetal TouchBound serie to move everyone to the new updater, sorry for the inconvenience.

Quick nipple pasties trick

I thought i would share this because it turned out quite nicely, if you have some of these “Nipple only” Attachments, you might wish you could use them a little more than on fully bare-chested outfits. Well for the (free?) price of two torus you can make pretty much any nipple pasties look like they poke out of your catsuit.



Then all you gotta do is color match, personally I use specular highlights for material enabled viewers, but if you prefer shiny, it works okay too.

Sorry for the slience, been writing & testing some code.

I have started designing a better delivery/update server for KDC products. I have a few reasons to do that now:

  1. Security: The current system is probably better than most vendors out there, but it’s not “great”, I can do better.
  2. Reliability: The amount of mangled deliveries that my system does is worrying and is mostly due, i believe, to the way the current elements communicate with each-others.
  3. Messiness: The new system will require you to be in the dead realm region to get a delivery, this way you will always get a folder, and not items given one by one scattered in multiple folders.
  4. Non forced updates: Don’t you just hate how the current system dump the updated items on you as soon as it’s available? Yeah me neither.

Bottom line it should be better for everyone

New release! KDC heavy metal ankle cuffs

Yup, another release for the heavy metal set. The shackles have identical proportions to the previously released ones but have a slight oval shape to accommodate the contours of the ankle.


As usual these can be found at the KDC Main Shop in Dead Realm, on the SecondLife Marketplace and also on The Primbay.

Enjoy 🙂


Sneaking cuff hotfix

I just pushed a fix for the chrome lined wrist cuffs and the classic leather cuffs, there was a missing animation in the right cuff ( right cuff to right thigh ). Enjoy!

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