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Dummies release :)

The clothing dummies are out, includes black and white fullperm “undercoat” textures

  • 2 Fullbody mannequins (for full outfits)
  • 2 Lower body mannequins (pants, pantyhose, etc…)
  • 1 Bust mannequin (shirts, bras, etc…)

All the mannequins are also available in a “dual layer” version, so you don’t have to make special textures for them if you don’t want to and can use your clothing textures as is. Also, the mannequins use the SL texture patterns of course.


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Surrounded by dummies

I got tired of looking at those sculpted clothing dummies in my shop and decided to do something about them. I created two mesh based dummies, with single and dual layer (for alpha textures) and even one for system skirts (which nobody use anymore, excepted me).

I’m thinking about making a pack for content creators in order to showcase some of their products.

Micro update

I just updated the “vintage” KDC Stiletto boots (Yes, the year 2005 boots). If you already own them, just send me an IM for the update. The built-in AO was removed, they where lightly tweaked and now use an alpha mask. Again, this is an extremely old product, but the update was simple enough, and asked nicely sooo…

First inworld tests!

A few more pictures

Here are a few more pictures for those out here who didn’t check the videos. Today I didn’t have much time so I finished and unwrapped the locking posts for the belt and the secondary shield.

Most of the uvwmapping is done.

Well, almost, I need to pack everything and there is a couple of parts I still need to finish and unwrap. I’m keeping this for tomorrow.

Something different today: I’ve actually recorded it all, you can watch it on YouTube if you want to. Be aware that it is more than 4 hours long 🙂

Failure isn’t necessarly a waste.

I was planning on making some tests about breaking the symmetry of the model, maybe get a test version ready for SL.

I spent a few hours merging the two mirrored sides, removing double vertices, moving the “closure seam” on the side and  trimming the mending plate. I also increased the spacing of the secondary shield and added a couple more edges to the crotch part.

Everything was going well and then i decided to go back up my modifier stack to merge and simplify the D ring staples…

… bad idea, the second picture shows how the model started imploding because the two “layers” of modifiers do not play nice with each others.

I kinda knew this was going to happen, been modeling for a decade after all, but i was expcting it to be fixed.

All is not lost, it gives me a good idea of what I want to do and how to do it. I need to get some preliminary unwrapping done before, because I will not be able to do it cleanly (or quickly) once the belt is curved in place.

Details wise, still need to drill the holes into the locking posts so they look all right without a padlock on.

Electricity wise, I think the electrical box will simply ‘sit’ on the top of the secondary shield, after the locking post, I don’t need to worry about this now, adding it is fairly easy.

Here is an idea for it though. If the secondary shield is unlocked, the electrical box can be opened with a click, inside will be controls: on/off and a little selector to pick the frequency it accepts (for the remote). When the secondary shield is locked, it will not accept clicks to open it. Maybe have  an eject button inside to detach it?

Chastity… progress!

Secondary shield and side posts, I might move it a tad more away, locking post is in place aswell as a support “block” for it.

Slits look pretty nice in my opinion 🙂

Little status update for the week

I haven’t done much when it comes to SL this week, but i was busy with various things: Turning my home server in an openCL calculator, fixing a wordpress update gone wrong, doing some “serious” paperwork on the game i would like to create. And a few other tidbits.

Released! Allycat latex riding pants

It’s done, using a similar technique as what i used to make the new latex catsuits and hoods, seamed and creased. The style is reminiscent of Jodhpur/riding breeches, zipped from the left side and on both legs.

All layers as usual, and you get two color schemes for the price of one 🙂

And for this one I added a few more color combos with white!

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