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Vendors temporarly offline

That will teach me to meddle with things i don’t understand.

I tried to use a special .htaccess on my website which would redirect people that use But it also knocked out my vendor network and all my web services for about a day -_-.

It should return to normal when the vendors self reset in about 30 minutes.

I’m an idiot sometimes ^_^.

This is taking longer than expected

I’m using GIT to keep my multiple scripts in check, to finish the paws i needed to roll a patch on all my touchbound products, well I apparently had prepared ANOTHER patch before that and it’s causing GIT to choke a little so I have to check quite a few conflicts in the script merging.

The good news is that LL introduced new bugs which I’m going to fix at the same time I’m rolling the mitts patch. So that means the black tabs of doom on the isolation headphones will be corrected. Why is there no one reporting those bugs?

The bad news is that all this is pushing me further behind my schedule and I get the feeling the paws won’t be released before November the 2nd, at which point I will be gone to visit a friend in USA.

Upcoming touchbound update

I’m nearing the completion of the code for the paw mitts, they will have a special feature that prevent the wearer to interact with touchbound products if they are on and locked. Because of this i will have to release a general update that change a couple of things in the way touchbound products interact with each others.

There shouldn’t be any breakage if you insist on using an older version but the touch blocking might be erratic.

So I highly recommend to use the update when it goes live. In term of usage it won’t change anything, it’s all “under the hood”.

Hud elements done…

… aaand mostly working, I still have some code to do on the hud and just uploaded 66 textures.

Another status update, and teaser!

The meshs are done and uploaded. The paws now have their final look, now come the slow and tedious task of preparing and uploading the textures, then will come scripting.

Here is a little something to satisfy the impatients 🙂

Status update on the beta grid

I thought I would post a picture to show a bit where  I’m at with the mesh paws.

  • The texture look a little blurry… maybe i will bump it up a little, but i haven’t added the shadowing yet.
  • I think I’m going to use plain prims for riveting otherwise it’s just using too many polygons on the mesh bits.
  • SL Beta says this is 33 prims.
  • I might end up using sculpts for the rings, if yes… that will make one really hybrid item, half mesh, half sculpt and half prim.

Low-res, texture test!

I finished the Unwrapping for the glove part and the buckle but there is a few things i still need to do on that one before i can get on with texturing.

Here is a little eye candy of the paw in secondlife with a temporary texture.

Texture wise, this is pretty much the final aspect, soo this is as good as it’s going to get, but I don’t think it’s looking bad at all 😀


High resolution paw pretty much done

This was fun! Now the real work can start.

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