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Totally unrelated but i feel it’s such a great footage of Norway i had to share it.

What did i forget…

Oh yes, the complete footage is in 720p HD, is 7h30 long and is released under creative commons.

Download it with bitlet or download the .torrent file HERE

you can read the complete article about this here.

Taking control of a boat in a storm

Okay to peoples not interested into reading a few reflections about myself, you can skip this post right now.

I recovered my old forum  from 2006 and realised how … nice i used to be. It seems the past years got the better of me and i kinda drifted into being … plainly said, an unpleasant person. Maybe it’s the stress, the caffein, the loneliness… maybe it’s not anything but my own damn fault. It seems I’ve been feeding my dark side for a good while.

Recently it did bite me back in an unexpected way, i don’t think what i did was wrong, but i think i didn’t explain myself properly and what was my position in the debate … things kinda got out of hands and I took some collateral damages.

And the more you struggle, usually the deeper you go once peoples made their mind about you.

Anyway, since it’s nearly Christmas, and soon time for new year vows, I wish to become more tempered, I am not going to fool myself in thinking I can become a good person, wear a wimple be called Sister Nicey and say “god bless you” to peoples (atho i’m sure nun role-play can be very… exciting ^o^ ), I am who I am but I could probably put my talent to better use than attracting hate.

Soooo, lets see what next year will be made of ^_^ i hope it’s made of latex.

GLOOMII: The shores of LSL

The part two of my baby steps in EclipseIDE with the LSL Plus addon.

Like i said before the debugging environement is quite amazing , you can describe symbolic prim structures, with names, descriptions, even their positions and owner, for what i’ve seen you can also write “sim scripts” of some kind but ididn’t look into it too much.

Second, the lsl “preprocessor is great too, it spurt out a “ready to copy/paste” lsl code stripped from it’s comments, extra lines, etc but also variables and functions declared and never used. Lastly there is the possibility to write “modules”, that is you can write your own libraries for custom functions that you share across multiple scripts, this module system allow you to “include” the modules once at the start of your lsl project and the functions and variables it contains are then available, great for code recycling.

As before, the final lsl file only contain the functions that are actually called so you you can build huge libraries if you wish, the final script will only inherit of the minimum needed.

Between this article and the previous one, i forgot why i was using Eclipse in the first place… but now i remember why!

It’s simply the best lsl editor i’ve found so far.

I can’t make up my mind

It’s taking a god damn while to update about this collar because the programming is at a standstill… knowing what i wrote in my past message “About collars that include everything and the kitchen sink” I’m open to suggestions.

Well… that is, if anybody is still reading me…

Yummy bondage D-Ring


Dustpan script and Dirt texture sheet done.

The dirt can now be properly picked up, there is a little freeze while you do that, that’s normal, the trashcan now also accept the dustpan wich close the loop to the incinerator.

I played around in PS for a whole and manaed to get some pretty nice dirt piles, dirt scattered and dirt broom sweeps.


I’m also trying myself at a standalone boiler (without kitchen appliances)


And this is a … dustpan!

First draft of a metallic dustpan for the chore system.


That’s for collecting the dust piles obviously and will complete the sweeping cycle.

Probably the most advanced dirt sweeping script?

After 6 hours, i consider the “meat” of the script to be done:

Spawning device has an unique ID

It runs a timer to add more dirt on the floor , runs a limited sensor for counting the dirt and stop adding when maximum is reached.

Each dirt spawned get the unique id and use it to rename itself.

Each dirt patch use sensor to find the dirt generator, read the configuration values from the generator name

Set the generator position as it’s origin and move itself at a random place in the generator’s declared radius.

When swept, the dirt patch is actually moved on the floor, and will refuse a move that will put it out of range of the generator control sensor.

Dirt rotate itself according to the angle it was swept.

Dirt assume random variation in “thickness” to reduce Z fighting in complanar faces.

Dirt suicide if it lose track of it’s generator.

That’s a lot for a patch of dirt 😀


Coding when drunk.

Yesterday i’ve been looking back over my chore scripts, i worked on the script to control the dirt swept by the broom, it kinda stroke me that even tho this piece of code is actually quite good, it was missing some very obvious low lag features. Either i was planning to add it later (wich i have no memory of) or i was drunk -_- .

Kind of interesting that coding drunk and coding in your good day (when you can zone in) tend to be simmilar, as in you can produce a lot of very complex code, very fast, excepted that the sober days it just looks like it makes no sense…

Stepping stone

I’ve been reading a book about poser this morning and i’m trying to devise animations for my bathtub project, the main challenge being that it is a “pedestal” type of bathtub, and i want to animate it fully, wich also means a “walk-in” animation.

Added difficulty, making the avatar look like it is ACTUALLY walking the steps up, wich means i need to import in poser, somehow, the bathtub primwork, wich i did but i had to literally jump through hoops to get the bathtub to be “roughly” to the proper scale, because even if pose is in meters, the sl avatar in poser is like .. 1.45 meters, while ruth in sl tower at 1.85 meters.

I started placing a couple ‘key’ frames, a picture is worth a tousand words.


It’s .. “about right” in SL, i’m kinda hoping that making the animation fluid and natural will divert peoples from the fact their feets “might” sink/hover in/on the steps.

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