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More creasing, seaming, and other details

I’ve added some surface detail, focusing mainly on the top, all the seams have been integrated properly, and I’ve added a bunch of creases, especially along “straight” seams, to give them more definition.

The chest area is still a bit too plain to my taste. I’ve given up (at least for now) having adjustment buckles on the apron belt and am just going for basic rivets, it uses less space on the straps, if anything. I also need to finish those trims on the bib shoulder straps, they just kinda “end” there at this point.

I should probably add something on the bottom part of the rings, but what…

Latex maid dress creasing

Not a ton of work on the latex maid dress, but some work nonetheless.

I started creasing up the corset and apron belt, slightly improved the shape of some of the pleating, made the bib trim a little slimmer.

Little by little, adding more details and refinements. I’m currently rebuilding the seams of the top to integrate them into the surface, so that I can crease it all up.

I still have a problem with the whole, “connecting the apron belt and the bib straps”. Not sure what I want to do there…

Come to think of it, it is all latex, I could add some buckles & straps potentially?

Back to the latex maid dress!

Sick, once again, for almost half of last week… And if You add the hay fever too… I’m sick of this.

I called the hospital to lower my prescription, hopefully tomorrow I can go pick up a lower dosage and that should stop my stomach from getting upset every few days. While it isn’t really excusing everything, this has definitely taken a toll on my productivity this year, and while I thought I could just handle it, the reality is that I cannot do this AND be productive in any capacity.


It’s not all bad news thankfully, I’ve finally returned to work on the latex maid dress. I’ve done some cleaning up on my files, and started “de-symmetrizing” elements that need to be, such as the corset lacing. I also made a somewhat decent bow for the apron (which was another sticking point of the design).

Still a few things I’m not 100% sure of:

  • The latex maid dress upper back still feels empty. I thought several times about adding a diamond cutout, but that will complicate cross body compatibility.
  • Seam layout still feels too basic, but outlining the chest will only make it harder to open the cleavage later.
  • Need to figure out how I’m going to connect the shoulder straps to the apron belt.
  • Some kind of headband/headdress, and I don’t know what style would work and look unique enough from all the others I’ve made already (I’d rather not reuse an existing one).

As always, any suggestion/comment is greatly appreciated.


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