The cell door is actually taking shape!

I am REALLY happy with how it is turning out. I’ve finally solved the TouchBound “padlock” issue that I was stuck with for a while now, I’ve basically extended the recess used for the handle OUTSIDE the shrouding, it makes the sliding bar mecanism more visible.

I have also added two more deadbolts that will be visible on the side when the cell door is opening/closing. Absolutely overkill? I know. But I’ve seen firefighters kick those corners with steel toed boots to great effect. And it justifies adding those little rivet details for the texture on both sides. It makes the back less plain since I removed one of the panels there.

The hatches also have handles now and a sort of spring loaded catch (I’m not gonna animate that obviously) and while more locks would be the right approach, I didn’t want something that would be complicated to animate during opening.

(Ignore the glass and bars being in eachothers, they are options, not ment to be visible at the same time)

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