LockMeister support officially part of AVsitter2!

LockMeister support officially part of AVsitter2!

After much back and forth, various changes and improvements, the LockMeister plugin for AVsitter2 is now part of the official repository!


The final version includes a couple of optimisation improvements and support for sitter swapping.


3 Responses to “LockMeister support officially part of AVsitter2!”

  • eduardokenji.ichibara:

    I was looking at it and do you have some idea if we want to make it for within prop? because its worked on linked part only? do you know what we can add for that ?
    Very nice job !

  • I’m sorry I don’t understand the question.

  • eduardokenji.ichibara:

    hi, I use avsitter as well and they usually use the LG script as you know. One of the options of the LG script is, make a rez prim chain, not just the objects that are linked on furniture, its on script like this in example:


    // USES_PROPS:
    // – TRUE for ring prims within props
    // – FALSE for ring prims linked to furniture
    // – If you’re using props, you must include the “[AV]LockGuard-object” script in your props
    // and ring prim names must contain the substring “ring”. Each pose can only have 1 prop
    // for all the rings (e.g. the ring prop for each pose should be 1 linked object, not
    // separate props of individual rings).
    // NOTE:
    // – Most builds should use USES_PROPS = FALSE;
    // – USES_PROPS should only be used for specific cases. e.g. if the prop completely changes the
    // surrounding scene which the chains attach to. If you want the LockGuard rings rezzed all the
    // time then they should be permanently linked to the furniture and not approached with props.

    integer USES_PROPS = FALSE;


    where if you chage to TRUE, you can make the furniture rez a prop in certain pose and if you want, you can make that prop be a ring on that time only.
    I was trying to do the same with AVLockMeister but i had no sussess, it works perfecly with liked prim (linked ring). Do you have some idea about how we can make it on that script from LM for works same? I had spokes with AVsitter supporters and they do not know about that as well.

    Very thank you for repply me.

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