Ridges completed and Blender 2.80

Ridges completed and Blender 2.80

I have to give the Blender developers a thumb up, the new realtime rendering modes look ridiculously good.

While I was banging my head on porting my materials from Blender Render to Cycles/Eevee, I came up with a really nice solution to combine tangent normal maps.

2 Responses to “Ridges completed and Blender 2.80”

  • PrincessaAdali:


    2 Questions.
    3 Requests (wen you get time and if you want to)

    1. that new suit is it gonna be lockable?

    2. that small cage you haw just behind the elevator in your store is that something that is coming to your store/something i can get access to?

    1.Strait skirt (long skirt) addon/separate from the jacket itself. a straight skirt or something to add to the straitjacket something to go with the straitjacket maybe connection points between the skirt and the jacket literally just a strait jacket for your legs

    2. a lockable corset

    3. some normal looking heels that lock
    (all of it with you fames locks)

    -, Adali

  • 1. It’s a “skin” for the KDC Revosuit X, so no it won’t be lockable.

    2. Kaleida edits a lot of her things and leaves them around Dead Realm, so this is not my doing. That being said, I might make a proper one at some point.

    1b. I know the concept, that might be a thing in the future, I have some Straitjacket related things in my to-do list.

    2b. Not currently planned, but I might as soon as I figure out a design that “clics” with me 🙂

    3b. The Ayumi thigh-high boots do support locking 😀

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