Corset outfit unwrapping… nearly done?

Corset outfit unwrapping… nearly done?

I ended up splitting everything into 4 separate texture maps (one not represented), this puts the whole outfit quite a bit over 1024×1024 (about 1.5x) but i think it is worth it.

I’ve also done my face counting for the different bits and pieces and it was a little short (8 faces max per mesh) so I’ve cut the entire thing in half at the top edge of the corset, this should give me a few extra faces to make two slices on each arm (gloves!).

There are only a few things that still need modeling/unwrapping:

  • Zipper pull (2).
  • Bow for the corset laces. (I still haven’t modeled this one).
  • Logo (probably on the zipper pull tabs)

Hopefully I can get it done by the end of Tuesday.

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