The KDC Classic leather muzzle is out!

The KDC Classic leather muzzle is out!

… Finally. Okay, so the way it works in practice is that, simply wearing it will not gag you: For the muzzle to work as a gag, one of the plugs has to be inserted.

It has two plugs, a filled and a hollow one. The hollow one will make you drool, while the filled one makes you harder to understand (each plug has its own garbling type). Finally, the outer cap can be placed whether you have a plug installed or not and will force you to whisper.

An interesting little feature that I’m experimenting with here is that, you can freely gag and ungag yourself, however if someone ELSE plug you, you cannot remove it yourself (but anyone else with the accessories can). Think of it as the plug/cap being too tightly fitted when it’s someone else doing it to you.

KDC-Classic Leather Muzzle

I also made a bundle pack if you want the collar, the muzzle and the blindfold (there is a little price cut too) which was really just an excuse to make a picture with the 3 items on (it looks awesoooome.)

KDC-Classic relaxation pack

As usual you can find these products in the KDC Main Store, my Secondlife Marketplace shop and also on the PrimBay. Enjoy!

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