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KDC Hired help uniform

Finally! Nearly two months were spent (wasted?) to make this project a reality! This is the first KDC product that support fitmesh! Beside looking fantastic and coming in 11 different color/patterns, it’s also TouchBound ready for those Mistresses who want to ensure that uniforms are worn at all times, the locking tabs are neatly concealed under the apron bib and you have to click it to reveal them.


And I completed this right before the festivities! Merry Christmas to everyone, spend some time with your family and/or friends and have a good time before we all roll into 2015!

As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main store, the SecondLife Marketplace or from the PrimBay.

Getting some textures done

I thought i would post a quick update. I believe that the skinning is done (unless I find yet another horrible glitch) it’s not really good with the belly slider at extreme values but i do not believe that i can make it work any better.

I started on the textures but they take a lot of time to make.


Rigging? It’s actually called skinning you idiots.

And yes, I actually HAVE something to show that isn’t a horrible auto generated mess. Well it’s far to be perfect, it’s still a work in progress and is full of little errors, but i already like it!

Oh and the stiff shoulder edge look great! It’s almost like a business suit… if business suits had aprons I guess… The skirt is a bit on the narrow side, with the usual issues that this kind of thing create tho.


I just made a nice bow! And spent a lot of time doing it… not too comfortable with Blender’s spline tools but it’s getting there.


Grade A headache

My head hasn’t been mine for the past two days, and while I have things to do, I cannot do them right now with this pain.

Rigging tests

Sooo… I have figured out  a “method” to turn my “A” pose outfit into a regular “T” pose and did a quick rigging attempt. Since I did some tweaking to the model, I also remade the textures to match (they still have some horrible issues because I cannot be bothered to do a multi-pass render just yet.

It all looks quite promising!

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