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Kind of a déja vù here

I spent most of Monday redoing what I basically did last Monday, but at least the textures are all done. Now it’s scripting time!

An inworld preview, finally!

After realizing that my stitches where way too big, I redid all the textures with smaller ones. I basically did Monday’s work all over again. But here is the result in SL! The lighting is a bit extreme, in order to showcase the materials, and I’ve put the posture collar in the shot to compare them. The stitches are still slightly bigger than on the collar, but it isn’t as much of a problem as it was before.


Server update

I finished all the textures (excepted one really) for the cuffs yesterday and did some experimentation on specular maps. I also cleaned up the model for upload in SL. I’m spending the day doing system upgrades on my servers and will get back to the cuffs tomorrow.

Time for some juicy textured shots!

Now that my normal maps are all nice and clean, behold!

Now to get all the textures ready.

Sometimes it feels like it’s all about luck.

I’ve been silent for the past days while I was finishing the unwrapping and spent last night rendering the different textures for the leather cuffs.

I also had a long hard look at the normal map… it’s not very good. I have a pair of screenshots to illustrate it, but basically the edges are scattered with “glitch streaks” (let’s call them like that) that are, I believe, due to the hard edge they are sitting on. It’s not a big deal, really but it means that I have to go touch up the normal map by hand in Photoshop to rub those imperfections out. That takes time as there is a lot of them.

I’ve been on a roll today so I’ll try to keep on going until I’m too tired (I will then post another update).

Some good work on the LPM Cuffs

Here is another little update. I’m not really satisfied with the triangle count with the rivets and all the other metallic parts and I think the inside is still getting way too much attention. I tried something a little different this time and fused the strap to the cuff’s surface where I could, we will see if it leads to a better result.

Skipping some steps

Well, not really, Unwrapping went particularly fast today and I’m recycling a lot of material settings from the posture collar. The high-resolution model is almost done. On a side note, I’m thinking about having metallic parts on a separate texture sheet, there is no need for these to have a unique texture for each project, kind of wasteful. That’s also why the D-Ring is still missing, I already have one in SL that will work just fine.

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