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The wasp gasmask part #5: more LPM

Yeah i know… “Is it done yet?”, not quite.

But hey I have a prototype in sl!


Okay… No textures yet, which means it looks a bit like ass, but hey, it’s unwrapped , so there is that.

Small update for the knee-high pony boots

I corrected a little bug that allowed anyone to open the KDC Knee-high Pony Boots configuration menu, excepted it would only show for the wearer, could be used in mildly annoying ways.

It’s on the auto update so you should probably get it in the following hours.

I also wrote a proper “manual” for the boots, it’s not complete yet but it should get you started if you where looking for instructions.

The wasp gasmask part #4: LPM

Today was fairly productive, I merged the straps with the “head harness”, enlarged the rubber seal around the head (hopefully it will make fitting easier in world) , made a strapless version of the mask (for Winter) and did a lot of work on the LPM (Low polygon model).

The wasp gasmask part #3

Hello everyone! Another update on the gas mask! Nothing big has changed since the last time, but I rebuilt the straps and detailed them a little bit, changed a few things on the buckles that where bothering me. I defined the mask edges to make it fit around the face a little better and rounded up the filter port mounting point for the “unscrewed look” (with the mouth showing through). I added a little structural seam at the symmetry axis (like real ones!) and built the hydration port on the side, it has no purpose, but it breaks the symmetry and looks kind of cool.

– EDIT – There appears to be a certain demand for a strapless gas mask, so I will do that too. The hydration valve will be optional too, for those who like things to be very symmetrical and seamless 🙂

The wasp gasmask part #2

I’ve worked a little more on it today, I finished the strap harness, (the strap ends are still missing, I know) and made a filter.

For those interested it’s in my past broadcasts on twitch, I didn’t feel like announcing that I was streaming today, I just wanted it recorded.

Work in progress #1 The wasp

The wasp, is this a good name? I like it, at least for now, it’s never too late to change it… calling it the psycho II is probably not going to happen, that was back when I thought gas masks where weird instead of cool.

This modeling session went very well, better than I hoped. I almost expected that I was going to start over several time over the course of the day, but what do you know, I might be getting better after all. I know someone is gonna ask for this to be lockable, I’m not sure how to make it happen (from a visual standpoint) but I will think about it.

Live 3D modeling session.

It’s this time again, i will be streaming most of the day on my new project: A new gasmask 🙂

[livestream type=”twitch” channel=”kyrah3D”]

Long silence

I’m sorry for the lack of news, i tried to relax the past week, but i think i still need a couple more days before i am fully “recharged”.

I believe the next project will be a new gas mask 🙂

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